Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

The Breakfast Sandwich Maker’s claim to fame is putting breakfast on the table in 5 mins or less. But what about lunch and dinner? Think past the english muffin and use this versatile appliance to make more than just your favorite breakfast sandwich.

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups
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  • 1 (6-inch) flour tortilla
  • 2 tablespoons beef or chicken taco filling
  • 1 tablespoon shredded cheddar cheese
  • Optional toppings: Shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, salsa, guacamole and sour cream


  1. Preheat Breakfast Sandwich Maker until green PREHEAT light comes on. Lift cover and slide out cooking plate so the top and bottom ring are stacked. Note: the cooking plate will not be used.
  2. Spray bottom cooking plate with cooking spray. Place the tortilla into the rings so it forms a bowl shape. Add taco filling and cheddar cheese, close cover.
  3. Cook 5 to 6 minutes or until the tortilla is crisp. Lift cover and rings and remove bowl from the sandwich maker with a plastic spatula. Add desired toppings.


Serves 1

Test Kitchen Tip: This taco bowl is a great way to use leftover taco filling.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

For these taco cups, we swapped our english muffin for a tortilla. Preheat the Breakfast Sandwich Maker then lift the cover and slide out the cooking plate (the top and bottom ring will stack). You won’t need to use the middle cooking plate for these scrumptious cups.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

Spray the bottom cooking plate with cooking spray then place the tortilla into the rings. It will form into a bowl shape with the help of the rings. If you want to make the cups ahead of time, use a muffin tin to mold the tortillas then transfer them to the Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Next, add taco filling and top it with your favorite cheese. We used leftover ground beef from our last taco night and sharp cheddar cheese but you could use slow cooker salsa chicken or even carnitas.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

Close the cover then cook for 5 to 6 minutes until the tortilla is nice and crispy. Remove the taco cup from the Breakfast Sandwich Maker and load it up with your favorite toppings. Guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, corn, black beans, salsa, hot sauce – the more the merrier.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

These taco cups work as a gameday appetizer, after-school snack, or new addition to your Taco Tuesday menu. They’re a great way to use up the leftovers in your fridge and will surely convince you that the Breakfast Sandwich Maker can help in the kitchen morning, noon, & night.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

Breakfast Sandwich Maker Taco Cups

25490 Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker from @hamiltonbeach

In five minutes or less, two perfectly assembled breakfast sandwiches are ready to eat thanks to the Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker. You can customize each of your breakfast sandwiches with a variety of fresh ingredients. 




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