Gameday Pork Parfaits

When it comes to game day menu planning it’s best to keep it to no-frills staples that are portable and low on the messy scale. When you’re tailgating you need to keep one of your hands free for cornhole bag throwing, favorite beverage drinking, and stadium seat carrying. That’s why these portable pork parfaits are a terrific tailgate treat.

BBQ Parfaits

During my four years at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!), I attended my fair share of tailgates. But my favorites were always thrown by a family friend who introduced me and my friends to the pork parfait (or simply, the bbq cup).

BBQ Parfaits

These pork parfaits have everything you’d want on a bbq plate – but layered in a cup for easy handling while tailgating.  

The tailgate hostess (Mrs. Phillips) was always ready to feed the fans. She’d have some bbq cups premade for those rushing to and from the stadium. But she also had an assembly line hot and ready so you could build your own in the RV.


BBQ Parfaits

All you need to mimic her assembly line is your favorite barbecue recipe, baked beans, coleslaw, and barbecue sauce.

Make slow cooker barbecue and slow cooker baked beans the day or morning before the big game. You could make homemade coleslaw (this blue cheese slaw is especially delicious on goodies like bbq sandwiches and buffalo chicken sliders) or save time and get store-bought. Have a bottle of smoky bbq sauce ready to drizzle on top before the fans dig in.

BBQ Parfaits

These easy bbq cups are a great handheld option for gameday. Mix up the layers by  subbing out the coleslaw for mashed potatoes when the temperatures drop later in the season or substitute the pulled pork for shredded chicken if you prefer. Whether your team gets the L or W, your tailgate is sure to come out on top this weekend.

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Gameday Pork Parfaits


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