East Coast vs. West Coast: Battle of the Breakfast Sandwiches

Whether you call the right coast or left coast home, you’re surely familiar with the regional rivalry. Tupac vs. Biggie. LA vs. NYC. Pacific vs. Atlantic. Coastal dwellers are quick to back the musical talent, sports teams, and local flavor of their regions. What’s better than a little hometown pride?

East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

The Test Kitchen wanted to keep the rivalry going strong by pitting East Coast and West Coast- inspired breakfast sandwiches against each other to decide which coast is indeed the best coast – especially when it comes to breakfast sammies.

East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

We plugged in our Hamilton Beach® Breakfast Sandwich Maker, which can help put a hot, homemade breakfast sandwich on the table in 5 minutes or less (no matter which coast you’re on), and began our taste test.

East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

Let’s start with the East Coast breakfast sandwich. This breakfast sandwich was inspired by the bageldasheries and delis of New York City. From Zabars to your local bodega, life-changing breakfast sandwiches are waiting behind doors throughout the city. Our breakfast sandwich is obviously served on a bagel (they’re serious business in NYC). Between the everything bagel we combined runny egg, a generous amount of bacon, and cheddar cheese to make a classic bagel sandwich you can enjoy on your morning subway commute. If you’re a real New Yorker, you might even top the sandwich with ketchup or hot sauce. Don’t knock the ketchup until you try it.

It’s a greasy, delicious, no-frills bagel sandwich. I heart New York.

East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

For our West Coast breakfast sandwich we created a lighter version using fresh ingredients inspired by sun-kissed California life. We toned the bagel down to a whole wheat sandwich thin (less caloric) and used egg whites (cholesterol-free and fat-free). Instead of bacon and cheese, we used fresh avocado, tomato, red onion, and microgreens.

East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

The bright and light sandwich is hard to deny. It’s a fresh, tasty way to start the day. Serve this sandwich alongside your favorite power smoothie for a breakfast as colorful as those famous Cali sunsets. Whether you’re energizing for the workday or a yoga class, you won’t ever skip breakfast with this on the table.


East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

As for the winner? We’ll let you decide. Use your Breakfast Sandwich Maker to make the following sammies and host an East vs. West taste test of your own. Leave your pick in comments and let the rivalry continue.

East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

East VS West Breakfast Sandwiches

Don’t have a Breakfast Sandwich Maker in your coastal abode? Shop now on HamiltonBeach.com or Amazon.com.

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