How to Get Perfectly Cooked Eggs Every Time

If you’ve boiled eggs on the stovetop, you know it can be difficult to achieve the consistency you want. Whether you like soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs, timing is everything.

Hamilton Beach® Egg Cooker

With the Hamilton Beach® Egg Cooker, you won’t have to worry about over or under cooking your eggs ever again. This little appliance (seriously, it takes up very little room) eliminates the guesswork and perfectly cooks eggs each and every time.

Hamilton Beach® Egg Cooker

Whether you want soft, medium, hard, or even poached eggs – the work is done for you. All you have to do is read the side of the measuring cup (that comes with the egg cooker) and fill to the marked line with cold water. The designated fill-line will vary depending on your desired consistency and the number of eggs you are cooking.

Hamilton Beach® Egg Cooker

Soft Egg - Egg Cooker

Pour the water into the reservoir then cover with the lid and press the ON switch. The appliance will sound when the eggs are cooked and all the water has evaporated. It’s just that easy.

Leftover Easter Eggs? Make this Classic Egg Salad from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach -

This little appliance gets a workout in my kitchen year-round, but I find it especially useful in the springtime. With Easter approaching, this egg cooker makes easy work out of whipping together your famous deviled eggs, egg salad, or salad nicoise.

Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog by @hamiltonbeach

Perfect for low carb or keto diets

If you’re not planning an Easter feast, the Egg Cooker is a great tool for meal prep any time of year. And if you’re following a low carb or keto diet, you know that eggs are a must-have. I hard boil 6 eggs over the weekend and store them in the refrigerator to throw into salads, peel for a quick protein-packed snack or for a no-brainer keto-friendly breakfast during the week. Now that the Egg Cooker has erased the hassle from boiling eggs, you’ll find excuses to use it over and over again.

Egg Cooker

The Egg Cooker can also help you make perfectly poached eggs, too. Watch the video to see this amazing little egg cooker in action.


Get Perfectly Cooked Eggs Every Time with the Hamilton Beach® Egg Cooker

Use your perfectly cooked eggs in these egg-cellent recipes: 

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  1. Rick Gaille

    Absolutely love it! The only difficulty we have had was reading the numbers on the measuring cup. It would be great if those numbers were a different color that would be easier to read.

  2. ray poirier

    why doesn’t the manual give you a chart that would say; one hard boiled egg, x amount of water , one soft boiled egg, x amount of water, two hard boiled eggs x amount of water, etc?

  3. Fantastic and sooo Fabulous would love to win this !!

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