Your New Favorite Way to Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers

Ok – there’s no denying how delicious a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich is. I like mine on white bread with a generous slather of mayo and plenty of cracked black pepper. I honestly look forward to the day after Thanksgiving every year just to have this sandwich. Let’s face it, turkey just tastes better when it’s from the Thanksgiving bird.

Thanksgiving Poutine

I thought I’d whip out the loaf of bread again this year, until I met this beautiful mound of deliciousness. This is Thanksgiving poutine. That’s right, it’s a post-Turkey Day plate like no other.

If you haven’t had poutine before, we strongly suggest you try it. The dish originated in Quebec and is essentially french fries (do we have your attention?) topped when cheese curds and brown gravy. The popular Canadian dish has creeped into the U.S. and has been reinvented on restaurant menus and blogs alike. Whether you’re topping it with cheese curds or pimento cheese, it’s hard not to like.

Thanksgiving Poutine

And that holds true for this ode-to-Turkey Day, cheeseless take on poutine.

Thanksgiving Poutine

Bake up some french fries (we used our favorite frozen, store-bought variety, but if you already have the deep fryer out, by all means make your own), and top them with all of your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. Don’t be shy.

Thanksgiving Poutine

We topped our fries with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, turkey slices, and of course, lots and lots of gravy. Put this poutine in front of the TV while you’re watching games with the family or make it for an easy snack over the weekend when you want to clear out the fridge. And make sure you have enough french fries for a second round of this piled-high poutine.

Thanksgiving Poutine

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