DIY Father’s Day Gifts: Custom Koozies

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to order gifts and have them delivered in a matter of days (pay enough and it’ll be there the same day). Depending on where you’re shopping you can even include a gift message and wrapping – they make it so easy.

Durathon Fathers Day Koozies

While I won’t downplay how great it is to be able to do most of my shopping online, nothing can ever beat a homemade, customized gift.  This Father’s Day I’m closing my browser and getting creative.

Durathon Fathers Day Koozies

Durathon Fathers Day Koozies

Whether your dad is a beer drinker, cider drinker, or soda drinker, these DIY Father’s Day Koozies are sure to come in handy this summer.

Durathon Fathers Day Koozies

To ensure this dad’s day craft mission isn’t impossible, make sure you have the following – a printer, transfer paper, scissors, and a Durathon® iron.

Durathon Fathers Day Koozies

We used Cricut Design Space to create the text for our koozies, but you could use InDesign or Illustrator, or call on the artsy family member and have them create the design for you (tell them you’ll put their name on the card – that tends to work in my family).

Once your Father’s Day fonts and phrases (Daddy-o, Pops, #1 Dad, All-Star Dad), print your design onto transfer paper. You can purchase transfer paper at craft stores, office supply stores, or online (it’s acceptable to order part of the gift online).

Print your design onto transfer paper using either an inkjet or laser printer (be sure to get the right paper for your printer). And don’t forget to print a mirror image of your design (the printer will have a mirror mode or you can flip the image in the design program).

Durathon Fathers Day Koozies

When transfer sheets are printed, grab your Durathon® iron. Make sure you follow the iron-on directions found on your transfer paper pack or individual sheets – they will vary by brand.

Durathon Fathers Day Koozies

Apply pressure and hold the Durathon® iron on top of the letters. Once you have ironed your letters on for the specified time, let the iron on cool. Carefully peel back the transfer paper and voilà – customized koozies to keep dad’s drinks chilled all summer long.

While creating these koozies isn’t quite as easy as clicking a button on your phone or computer, your dad (the man, the myth, the legend as he’s known on the block) will surely appreciate the time and effort put into making him something unique for Father’s Day. Bag them with a few of his favorite drinks and cheers to the world’s best dad.

Father's Day Iron-On Koozies



  1. Avatar

    These are so cool! You could put all sorts of other non-Father’s Day related phrases on them too if you really wanted to.

    Side note: If you do make your dad koozies for Father’s Day, be sure to get him a pack of beer to go with them – or if he doesn’t drink, just get him some root beer or cream soda or something :)

  2. Avatar

    Where does one find the blank koozies to decorate? Did I miss a link in the post? Fun idea!

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