Congrats Grad: Homemade Graduation Banner

Whether you have a daughter graduating from kindergarten or a nephew finishing his senior year of high school (only to become a freshman yet again in college), graduation day will be here before you know it.

No matter which graduation you and your family are celebrating, it’s a great excuse to throw a party and toast to the grad’s next chapter.

Durathon Graduation Banner

A DIY graduation banner is an easy way to add a customized touch to the celebration. You can get creative with the fonts, text, and colors and match it to the other must-have decorations like streamers, confetti, and balloons.

We let the party store help get our homemade (OK, semi-homemade) graduation banner started. We bought a pre-made burlap pennant banner to help save on time, but you could definitely summon your inner craft king or queen and make the entire banner – there are plenty of tutorials online.

Durathon Graduation Banner

With the soon-to-be graduation banner already assembled, we used Cricuit Design Studio to create our iron-on letters. Purple and gold are the graduate’s school colors so we printed our letters onto purple, sparkly (it’s a celebration after all) transfer paper.

Durathon Graduation Banner

Using a Durathon iron, we ironed “CONGRATS GRAD” onto the pennants. Be sure to follow the instructions (for both printing and ironing) on the transfer paper – they will vary by brand.

Durathon Graduation Banner

After the iron-on letters cool, peel them back and there you have it – a festive banner for your graduation party.

While you’re family is throwing caps and throwing parties, the extra effort put into making the decorations unique surely won’t go unnoticed on the grad’s big day.

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