Juicing our Way Through January: 7 Fresh Juice Recipes

It’s January again and whether you are mourning or celebrating the end of the holiday season (personally, I can’t wait to sleep), for many of us a shift in lifestyle’s on the way. January is the month we put down the mug full of marshmallow-topped hot chocolate and substitute it with a glass of fresh, frothy juice. Whether you are dieting post-holiday season, or just want to use the New Year as a starting point to eat (and drink) a little healthier, these 7 juice recipes are sure to put you on the right track. Get our your juicer and drink a glass with breakfast, for an afternoon energy boost, or after a workout. No matter when you juice, these recipes won’t disappoint.

Energizing Green Juice

Energizing Green Juice

Ginger Beet Juice from Wonky Wonderful

Ginger Beet Juice from Wonky Wonderful

Carrot & Turmeric Tonic

Carrot Turmeric Tonic

Healing Green Juice from The Awesome Green

Healing Green Juice from the Awesome Green

Golden Glow Elixir from The Glowing Fridge

Golden Glow Elixir from the Glowing Fridge

Kale, Cucumber, and Cilantro Green Juice

Kale, Cucumber and Cilantro Green Juice from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @hamiltonbeach


Dawn Delight Red Juice

Dawn Delight juice recipe from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

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