9 Best Holiday Breakfasts

The holiday season is in full swing and the entryways to our homes have become non-stop revolving doors. Families and friends seem to continuously visit this time of year. Whether the family is bunking up for a few days to celebrate Christmas or your dear college roommates decide to crash for a night while they are on the East Coast for New Year’s Eve, the guest room sign rarely says vacant at your home turned B&B (it feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it?).

Holidays with Hamilton Beach

With house guests comes hosting and it’s best to always be prepared for visitors (We all want to be the hostess with the mostess). If overnight guests are staying with you over the holidays, be sure to keep these 9 holiday breakfast recipes on deck to feed a packed table. From quick breakfast sandwiches to delicate frittatas, your guests will surely leave rave reviews on Yelp, I mean… be thankful they made the trip. Happy holidays and happy hosting.

Cafe Au Lait Mini Cakes from the Cupcake Project

Cafe Au Lait Mini Cakes

Zoodle Frittata from Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen

Zoodle Frittata from Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen

Gingerbread Waffles 

Gingerbread Waffles

Spiralizer Egg Nests 

Spiralizer Egg Nests

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Rolls 

Slow Cooker Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Cranberry Coffee Cake Muffins from Dessert for Two

Cranberry Coffee Cake Muffins from Dessert for Two

Cherry Almond Scones 

Cherry Almond Scones | @hamiltonbeach

Naughty or Nice Breakfast Sandwiches 

Pesto Sun-Dried Tomato Mozzarella Egg Breakfast Sandwich (made in the Breakfast Sandwich Maker) from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @hamiltonbeach

Cinnamon Monkey Bread from Something Swanky 

Cinnamon Monkey Bread from Something Swanky


9 Best Holiday Breakfasts 



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  1. Avatar

    Love egg ,cheese,and bacon on a English muffin …

  2. Avatar
    Darlene Comeaux

    Bacon, egg and cheese

  3. Avatar

    English muffin, egg, cheese and meat for my breakfast sandwich. Either bacon, ham or sausage works for me.

  4. Avatar
    Audrey Larson

    Sausage, egg & cheese :)

  5. Avatar

    Eggs and ham

  6. Avatar
    georgann rizzo

    Sausage,egg and cheese sandwich

  7. Avatar

    I’m from NJ and an egg sandwich is the best with Taylor brand pork roll (or Taylor ham as we call it), and American cheese on a hard roll with a little butter and salt and pepper. Yum.

  8. Avatar

    It has to have bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

  9. Avatar
    Virginia Rowell

    My must have is bacon, egg and cheese with some onion, green pepper and tomato!

  10. Avatar
    Valerie Clark

    Sausage, egg, and cheese make the perfect sandwich!

  11. Avatar
    Nichole Smith

    bacon, egg, cheese and tomato

  12. Avatar

    Bacon, egg and mild cheddar on a lightly toasted kaiser roll with a couple of slices of fried tomato.

  13. Avatar
    Kathleen Basile

    Eggs, butter, salt and pepper!

  14. Avatar

    Fresh eggs, green onions, green peppers, swiss cheese and sausage!

  15. Avatar
    susan smoaks

    i must have veggies, lots of veggies on my breakfast sandwich.

  16. Avatar

    my go to breakfast would be a toasted western sandwich, eggs onions bacon!

  17. Avatar
    JanicW Wright

    Eggs & sausage or eggs & bacon.

  18. Avatar
    Camille Pimentel

    My go-to breakfast sandwich is English Muffin with egg frittata, bacon, ham, cheddar cheese and thinly sliced green onions.

  19. Avatar

    Fresh eggs- the fresher the better.

  20. Avatar

    Sausage, Egg, and Cheese on English Muffin.

  21. Avatar
    Charlene Girardi

    My sandwich has to have sausage, from there it must be a toasted bagel, egg (unscrambled), american cheese and sauteed onions!

  22. Avatar

    Bagel, egg, cheese and bacon or ham

  23. Avatar

    A good breakfast sandwich has to start with good quality bread, croissant, English muffin, or bagel. Toasted. Then always bacon, cheese, maybe ham, and some mayo. Egg only if it’s scrambled.

  24. Avatar
    Linda Galatas

    My perfect breakfast sandwich would have bacon, egg, cheese and an english muffin.

  25. Avatar
    Germaine Harrison

    Bacon, cheese and eggs.

  26. Avatar

    canadian bacon, egg and cheese

  27. Avatar
    Joanne Saunders

    Eggs, cheese and ham for me.

  28. Avatar
    Susan Campbell

    English muffins, eggs, cheese, ketchup, and butter!

  29. Avatar

    Definitely an English muffin, crisp bacon & good cheese. Since I am allergic to eggs, I must forgo those but I will double up on the cheese instead. Also, instead of bacon a sausage patty to change things up.

  30. Avatar

    English muffin, bacon, eggs, cheese and spinach.

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar
    Dixie Neitzel

    muffin,cheddar cheese,ham

  33. Avatar
    Marsha Arditti

    I would love egg, mozerella cheese, spinach and mushrooms.

  34. Avatar

    egg, cheese, ham, green pepper and onion.

  35. Avatar
    Kimberly Snyder

    Fresh eggs from our hens, sharp cheddar cheese and country ham

  36. Avatar
    Karen Beckett

    I must have sausage or crispy bacon, eggs & cheese. Either on a bagel, English muffin or toast.

  37. Avatar
    Dorothy Teel

    I would love to add eggs, cheddar jack cheese, pre cooked green peppers, and a English muffin, served with some salsa, sounds yummy

  38. Avatar
    kathleen decicco

    Pepperoni and cheese, egg, on an English muffin.

  39. Avatar

    An English Muffin with an egg, sausage and some cheese. So cheesy good!

  40. Avatar
    Kimberly Hillman

    Bagel, bacon, ham, sausage, egg, avocado and cheese!

  41. Avatar

    Egg, cheese, and bacon!

  42. Avatar
    Cassandra Coleman

    Turkey sausage, eggs, cheese, green peppers

  43. Avatar

    Turkey bacon, avocado, leafy spinach and english muffin.

  44. Avatar

    Anything with eggs & cheese and a good cup of coffee!

  45. Avatar
    Julie Curtis

    Egg, bacon and cheese bagel, english muffin or toast are my favorite breafast sandwiches!

  46. Avatar

    Scrambled eggs, lots of cheese and crispy bacon

  47. Avatar
    Betty Campbell

    samon eggs english muffins

  48. Avatar

    Eggs, Bacon and Cheese

  49. Avatar

    The ingredients needed to have on hand for the perfect breakfast sandwich, for me, would be: Organic free range eggs, poblano peppers, good bacon – preferably baked, baby spinach, and sharp cheese!

  50. Avatar
    Brenda Haines

    Hash browns, a fried sunny side up egg and BACON!!

  51. Avatar
    Sandra Jones

    My must haves are eggs, cheese and breads…. like to switch up different products!

  52. Avatar

    Bacon & egg. Gotta have the crispy bacon-cheese,etc. is optional

  53. Avatar

    My breakfast sandwich has either an English Muffin or Biscuit with egg white and sausage with gravy for dipping!

  54. Avatar

    Really it’s whatever we have in the fridge, steak, hamburger, chicken, bacon, sausage or ham.
    Muffins, bagels, bread, bolillo rolls.
    Cheese, veggies. Nothing is off limits LoL

  55. Avatar

    I like flat bread, eggs, bacon and cheese.

  56. Avatar

    Must haves for my family include:
    eggs, cheese, bacon and ham (carnivores) variations of jelly or honey, biscuits or bagels are preferred, but as long as they have the meat, they are happy!

  57. Avatar

    My perfect breakfast sandwich has to have canadian bacon, eggs and mozzarella or provolone cheese

  58. Avatar
    Alberta Kliem


  59. Avatar

    My perfect breakfast sandwich is on an English muffin or bagel and has egg, cheese, and sausage.

  60. Avatar

    For me, it’s eggs, cheese and bacon….yummy!

  61. Avatar

    I love any breakfast sandwich with eggs.

  62. Avatar

    Eggs and cheese.

  63. Avatar
    Cheryl Malaguti

    Ham, sharp cheddar, egg and English muffin!

  64. Avatar

    I would love to have a breakfast sandwich maker! Gooey melty cheese and bacon or sausage on an English muffin. Oh Yum!

  65. Avatar

    I have to have an egg, some type of cheese and meat. It could be ham or bacon or turkey.

  66. Avatar

    OMG! The Cranberry muffins sound amazing!

  67. Avatar

    well done fried egg, sharp cheddar, Canadian bacon :)

  68. Avatar

    When I’m making a breakfast sandwich my go to is toasted ham, egg, cheese, on a bagel.

  69. Avatar
    Teresa Kroesing

    My sandwich would have a Hawaiian sweet roll, ham, cheese & egg.

  70. Avatar
    Gail Williams

    My breakfast sandwich would have an English muffin, egg, cheese and guacamole.

  71. Avatar

    eggs and sausage are a must

  72. Avatar
    Marilyn Nawara

    My sandwich would have eggs, bacon, cheese and a bagel.

  73. Avatar

    English muffin, egg, cheese, turkey bacon, and salsa.

  74. Avatar
    John Williams Sr

    Sausage, egg, cheese, english muffin!!

  75. Avatar
    Stephanie Phelps

    Cheese is always first and then canadian bacon and egg on an english muffin!

  76. Avatar

    Cheese, bread, fresh veggies!

  77. Avatar

    In addition to the obvious, which is cheese and some form of meat, I like to add some spice, usually with jalapenos, or possibly red pepper added to the eggs.

  78. Avatar
    Debra Miller

    I must have eggs, bacon and cheese for a breakfast sandwich. Tomatoes, potatoes, spinach are also welcome!

  79. Avatar
    Wendy Jensen

    Bagels, ham, cheese and eggs are my must have ingredients.

  80. Avatar

    Egg, cheese and green peppers

  81. Avatar

    Egg, cheese and bacon!

  82. Avatar

    Bacon egg and cheese bagel is my absolute favorite, with a pinch of salt and dab of butter.

  83. Avatar
    Lynnette Lamance

    Sausage and cheese are my must haves

  84. Avatar

    This would be very handy.

  85. Avatar
    Kathleen Kuykendall

    Eggs, cheese, cranberry english muffin, with cream cheese

  86. Avatar

    Egg and Cheese for me

  87. Avatar

    Eggs and fresh herbs or greens for me!

  88. Avatar
    Emanuel Addison

    eggs cheese bacon bagel

  89. Avatar

    Chorizo, eggs, and pepperjack cheese.

  90. Avatar

    eggs, cheese and spinach

  91. Avatar

    Roasted Red Peppers are a must in all my sandwiches.

  92. Avatar

    Egg, sharp cheddar cheese, green onion, bacon, and red peppers!

  93. Avatar
    Holly Swogger

    Ham, egg, cheese, English muffin

  94. Avatar

    Must have eggs, cheese and bacon!

  95. Avatar

    Eggs, ouuey gooey swiss cheese and sausage!

  96. Avatar

    Eggs and cheese and don’t forget the bacon!!!

  97. Avatar
    Cheryl Kloesz

    Eggs, sharp american cheese, Canadian bacon & butter!

  98. Avatar

    Bagel, egg, cheese and bacon! :)

  99. Avatar
    Michelle Washburn

    cheese egg ham english muffin, hollandaise sauce, yum!

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