Introduction to Sous Vide Cooking

Sous what? Sous vide (pronounced sue veed) is a method of cooking often used by restaurant chefs. But now sous vide cooking is available to the home cook, thanks to appliances like the Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide and 6 QT Slow Cooker. This multifunctional kitchen companion allows you to cook with either the sous vide method or in slow cooker mode. Because most of you are familiar with slow cookers and slow cooking, we will introduce you to the sous vide method and help you get started in your own kitchen.

What is sous vide? Sous vide is a no-fail cooking method that uses a temperature-controlled water bath to cook sealed food evenly and to desired doneness.

Why use the sous vide method of cooking? Cooking on the stovetop or in the oven can sometimes leave you with undesirable, uneven results. Have you ever walked away for a few minutes and overcooked a steak? What about setting the oven temperature too high and turning your root vegetables into mush? Time isn’t always on our side when cooking on the stove, in the oven, or on the grill. Cooking sous vide is a different story.

With the help of the temperature-controlled water bath, sealed food reaches the exact desired internal temperature and stays there, eliminating the chance of over or undercooking your meal. Sealing food in a bags locks in moisture and seasoning throughout the cooking process, leaving you with flavorful, tender results. The method also helps achieve evenly cooked food. Prefer your steak medium-rare? Easily achieve a medium-rare steak – from edge to edge. 

Sous vide cooking also allows for maximum flexibility in the kitchen. Using sous vide, you can leave your meal in the water bath while you prepare the rest of the meal, or even run errands. Because the food is held at the exact programmed temperature, there’s no chance your meal will overcook. It’s perfect for the grilling enthusiast seeking that perfectly pink center, or a frequent entertainer who wants to wow guests with a tender roast, or a family that just wants easy and flexible cooking.

Which foods can you sous vide? Sous vide is a popular method for cooking meat but you can cook a variety of foods – everything from fish to fruits and vegetables, even eggs, sauces and desserts.

Getting Started with your Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide/6 QT Slow Cooker 

Fill the vessel with warm water to slightly below the MAX line. The crock is easy removable so you can take it directly to the sink for filling. Then cover with the lid. Press the ON/OFF button and a red light will indicate that you are in sous vide mode. Use the arrow buttons to select the desired temperature. Press the TEMP/TIME button and use the arrows to set the cooking time. Press START and the water will begin to heat.

Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide Slow Cooker Controls

While the water bath is heating, season and seal your food.  Seasoning your food before you seal it will impart flavor into the food while it cooks. Add your favorite fresh or dry herbs, compound butters, or oils. We recommend vacuum sealing your food for the best results, but you can also use resealable bags that can withstand high temperatures. When using a resealable bag, just be sure to remove as much air from the bag as you can before submerging it in the water bath. 

Sous Vide Chicken and Asparagus

When the desired temperature is reached, the appliance will beep and the START button will flash. Submerge your sealed food into the preheated water bath for cooking. When the food is finished cooking, remove from the bags and serve. With some foods, like steak, you may want to pat dry and quickly sear to achieve a beautifully browned exterior before serving. 

Sous Vide Chicken and Asparagus in bags

Whether you like to entertain, are a grilling enthusiast, or just want to test your skills in the kitchen, the Hamilton Beach Sous Vide and 6QT Slow Cooker can help you achieve perfectly pink meat, crisp vegetables, moist chicken, and much more.  

Want to bring this multi-functional countertop appliance into your kitchen? Enter to win a Hamilton Beach® Professional Sous Vide and 6QT Slow Cooker using the Rafflecopter widget below and return to the blog next week for some easy sous vide starter recipes.


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    I cook a lot of meals for those who are in the hospital or recovering at home. This would be wonderful to use!

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    This look easy to cook a meal with out worry burn your food

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    I want to win because I have read about Sous Vide cooking on many of the best food blogs and I want to try it. I think it would make serving the same meal at different times to different family members very easy and stress-free. Since this Hamilton Beach can also slow cook, I won’t even need to find storage space for it because I could give away my current slow cooker.

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    Lauralee Hensley

    Would like to be able to cook some tender, moist foods for some relatives that are in their 90’s. They’ve been complaining that so many foods are not as moist and tender as they’d wish they were. They are good people and deserve moist, tender foods for dining.

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    Jennifer Essad

    The Sous Vide would allow me to prepare meals easily for 2. I think it’s a healthy way to enjoy foods

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    Sous Vide cooks much evenly, if you cook meat this way the temperature and doneness is the same all the way through.

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    It would help me prepare healthier for myself and my family.

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    Sous Vide is an excellent cooking method; food always at proper temperature, beautifully done, meltingly good!

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    healthy cooking with sealing

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    Susan Brown

    Our older son is a culinary school grad and introduced us to Sous Vide cooking; it is marvelous! Especially wonderful for people who work long hours, and want to come home to a perfectly cooked meal w/little to no fuss. He’s moved to Minnesota, and I miss him dearly; would remind me of him every time I prepared a Sous Vide meal.

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    great new appliance

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    I love to cook for my entire family. This appliance looks like just the thing to help me make gourmet foods every night.

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    This looks to be a great and better way to cook meals for my Diabetic Husband and healthier food for me.

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    This would come in very handy with me raising 3 grandkids and my hectic schedule.

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    Sous Vide cooking looks a little daunting to me; however I do like to tackle new ways of cooking; especially if I can eliminate some of the extra fat from my cooking routine.

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    The cooking technique looks amazing!

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    Donna Bitting

    This sounds unbelievable and would love to try it for myself. Curious to see if it can cook salmon and steaks better than I do on the grill.

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    With my hectic work schedule, this would be the perfect way to get a hot meal on the table, with as little fuss as possible.

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    Would love to try the Sous vide method of cooking!

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    My boyfriend has a sous vide and it is incredibly amazing!!!! The easiest way for a lazy cook like me to make a meal without any time pressures!

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    This looks like it will make a healthy delious meal so easy and stress free. Can’t wait to try it!!!

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    My sister and her husband use theirs all the time and love it. They even have a second one for their home at the beach.

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    Nichole Smith

    I’ve seen this technique on cooking shows. It looks easy andI has to be so much better for us than frying everything.

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    This just seems like a healthier way of cooking and we are trying to change the way we eat in our family to a better way, and it would bring variety to my meals.

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    This looks like a great way to get food cooked perfectly and easily.

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    Not only would this method of cooking be convenient, it would also ensure that my meals were cooked to perfection!

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    would love to try this – cooking like poaching without getting soggy would be great

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    sounds very interesting. would love the versatility and convenience not having to worry about timing different parts of a meal to all be prepared and cooked simultaneously alloowing the complete m eal to be served at the best temperature for enjoyment

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    Sounds perfect for a busy family!

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    Carla McReynolds

    I’ve worked in large professional kitchens with a Sous Vide machine before and to have that in my own kitchen and share some of the amazing food I once created from my own recipes would be a dream.
    P.S. I own a lot of Hamilton Beach products, and gradually replacing old “other” products brands, and I have yet to find even one Hamilton Beach product that I didn’t love and use constantly!

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    Ginger Petry

    I would like to experiment and then enjoy all different kinds of food products including wild game meats. I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with others through the use of cooking classes when I have mastered the sous vide process.

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