Introduction to Sous Vide Cooking

Sous what? Sous vide (pronounced sue veed) is a method of cooking often used by restaurant chefs. But now sous vide cooking is available to the home cook, thanks to appliances like the Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide and 6 QT Slow Cooker. This multifunctional kitchen companion allows you to cook with either the sous vide method or in slow cooker mode. Because most of you are familiar with slow cookers and slow cooking, we will introduce you to the sous vide method and help you get started in your own kitchen.

What is sous vide? Sous vide is a no-fail cooking method that uses a temperature-controlled water bath to cook sealed food evenly and to desired doneness.

Why use the sous vide method of cooking? Cooking on the stovetop or in the oven can sometimes leave you with undesirable, uneven results. Have you ever walked away for a few minutes and overcooked a steak? What about setting the oven temperature too high and turning your root vegetables into mush? Time isn’t always on our side when cooking on the stove, in the oven, or on the grill. Cooking sous vide is a different story.

With the help of the temperature-controlled water bath, sealed food reaches the exact desired internal temperature and stays there, eliminating the chance of over or undercooking your meal. Sealing food in a bags locks in moisture and seasoning throughout the cooking process, leaving you with flavorful, tender results. The method also helps achieve evenly cooked food. Prefer your steak medium-rare? Easily achieve a medium-rare steak – from edge to edge. 

Sous vide cooking also allows for maximum flexibility in the kitchen. Using sous vide, you can leave your meal in the water bath while you prepare the rest of the meal, or even run errands. Because the food is held at the exact programmed temperature, there’s no chance your meal will overcook. It’s perfect for the grilling enthusiast seeking that perfectly pink center, or a frequent entertainer who wants to wow guests with a tender roast, or a family that just wants easy and flexible cooking.

Which foods can you sous vide? Sous vide is a popular method for cooking meat but you can cook a variety of foods – everything from fish to fruits and vegetables, even eggs, sauces and desserts.

Getting Started with your Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide/6 QT Slow Cooker 

Fill the vessel with warm water to slightly below the MAX line. The crock is easy removable so you can take it directly to the sink for filling. Then cover with the lid. Press the ON/OFF button and a red light will indicate that you are in sous vide mode. Use the arrow buttons to select the desired temperature. Press the TEMP/TIME button and use the arrows to set the cooking time. Press START and the water will begin to heat.

Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide Slow Cooker Controls

While the water bath is heating, season and seal your food.  Seasoning your food before you seal it will impart flavor into the food while it cooks. Add your favorite fresh or dry herbs, compound butters, or oils. We recommend vacuum sealing your food for the best results, but you can also use resealable bags that can withstand high temperatures. When using a resealable bag, just be sure to remove as much air from the bag as you can before submerging it in the water bath. 

Sous Vide Chicken and Asparagus

When the desired temperature is reached, the appliance will beep and the START button will flash. Submerge your sealed food into the preheated water bath for cooking. When the food is finished cooking, remove from the bags and serve. With some foods, like steak, you may want to pat dry and quickly sear to achieve a beautifully browned exterior before serving. 

Sous Vide Chicken and Asparagus in bags

Whether you like to entertain, are a grilling enthusiast, or just want to test your skills in the kitchen, the Hamilton Beach Sous Vide and 6QT Slow Cooker can help you achieve perfectly pink meat, crisp vegetables, moist chicken, and much more.  

Want to bring this multi-functional countertop appliance into your kitchen? Enter to win a Hamilton Beach® Professional Sous Vide and 6QT Slow Cooker using the Rafflecopter widget below and return to the blog next week for some easy sous vide starter recipes.


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  1. Avatar

    This would be a great addition to my kitchen as i tend to overcook most things.

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    This would be a great addition to the kitchen. Always looking forward to new kitchen techniques.

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    Billy Lilley

    I would like to add sous vide to my kitchen because I always dry out my food.

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    I would love to try this!

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    Melissa Judy

    I have been interested in trying Sous Vide for sometime now but was not ready to add another appliance. A combination Spus Vide and slow cooker now that has me ready to make some room on the counter. .

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    Matt Carlson

    This is a great prize!

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    Derek Brewer

    Suse vide is cool and all, but the important thing here is that my brother does not know how to cook properly and it would be wasted on him. If I get it, I promise to make him food. Sometimes.

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    I’ve been reading about how some of my favorite chefs are using sous vide machines and I really really want to try it out. Everything comes out looking perfect.

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    I’ve always wanted to try the sous vide no-fail cooking method and also have easy clean-up.

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    I’ve never used one like this before and would LOVE to try it!

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    I’m crazy for fish and fresh veggies, but both of those are things my mom (age 81, still beautiful and my best friend) won’t touch. I prep dinner for both of us when I get home from work, but it seems I prep her food, or my food, not both. And this creates frustration. I would very much like my plan to be pick up some food on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon, use Sous Vide, Slow Cooker, Food Saver, etc. to prep meals for both mom and me for the coming week. I think it’d be healthy, delish, easy.

  12. Avatar
    Lindsey Hunter

    Sous vide is all my fiance has talked about since getting out of the army! Hamilton Beach is the only slow cooker we trust in this house!

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    This will be the perfect addition to our weekly “Top Chef” episode re-creations! Can’t wait to surprise my friends and family when I bring this baby to the work counter!

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    steven burt

    Sous vide is an amazing tool to cook your food while keeping consistency. I would love the opportunity to add this device to my home!

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    I love to cook and I’ve always been intrigued by this method. I would love to win and give it a try!

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    Danielle Levi

    I would love this. Would be perfect for me.

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    Rachee Fagg

    This would perfect for the person (Ok, me) who over cooks EVERYTHING. Seriously, this would be a great way to prepare meals for my family.

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    I’d say I want this because I’m a discerning cook, but I’m just lazy. I also want good food though :P

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    Anita Marlene

    Can’t wait to try sous vide! I love slow cooking.

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    I would like to do more slow cooker cooking to save time and opt to healthier eating habits.

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    It would make meal time easier I am a working mom and this would help get better meals on the table on time

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    Brenda Haines

    I’ve never tried sous vide cooking, but I have wanted to! Thanks for the chance!

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    Derrick Johnson

    This would be perfect to have for large gatherings and holiday cooking.

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    Joe Nicewander

    As a single parent, It’s very difficult to work on help the kids with their homework and make dinner at the same time before we hurry out the door for sports activities. It seems like this would not only help ease my time constraints during preparation and cooking, but also with clean up!

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    With this, I could not worry about forgetting about what’s cooking while 12-year-olds make me cry and pass out after drinking in online video games, preventing the subsequent fire and months of living out of a car. It’s happened too many times… Please, I need this.

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    Rebecca Daniels

    So unique and I hear the food keeps all the wonderful flavor!

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    I like it because the ease of cooking

  28. Avatar

    There’s nothing better than a medium rare steak. Really hope i win this, because so far i’ve been cooking my steaks in a beer cooler.

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    Christopher Higuera

    I would love this cooker so that I can cook different kinds of food for my family. I only cook about 6 different dishes with the pots and pans I have.

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    A new, healthier lifestyle is something I am trying to embrace. This would certainly help.

  31. Avatar
    christopher h

    i’m looking for a healthier, easier way to cook

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    Nadia Martin

    I would like to bring one in my kitchen to try new and healthy recipe

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    I’ve always wanted to get into this kind of cooking. It sounds like a great way of cooking meat specifically. Sooooo much easier than any other form of slow cooking red meats to amazing tenderness.

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    I’d like to win to make it easier to cook healthy family meals. I used to have one but it broke.

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    This is so cool and healthy for the whole family. I would love to try this to help in our healthy lifestyle journey .

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    This would be a great help in making me prepare meals that otherwise would take a lot longer.

  37. Avatar

    I recently learned about sous vide (from an unrelated Youtube channel…) and definitely want to get into it. I’m pretty big on the croc pot, for the quality/time value it gives. This looks even better.

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    Oh yes, just my style – put it in, turn it on, go – then come back to a yummy healthy meal!

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    jeanette h sheets

    i love to cook and always looking for healthier alternatives for my family ,love the way this sounds and though i have never used before ,would be heaven to win and try!

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    Mary Beth Elderton

    I love that this allows flavors to infuse and foods are well cooked. This would be both a labor and time saver

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    It is a style of cooking that I’ve always wanted to try. I’m an adventurous cook!

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    I’d love to have perfect results every time

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    It’s a really good way to flavor my food and I can sous vide so many different types of food.

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    Tee Anderson

    I would be able to have the opportunity to cook healthier meals. thank you for the chance.

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    Jessica miller

    I have not had one before and would like to try this out. It would ave time too.

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    amber kinnee

    I’d love to bring Sous Vide into my kitchen because I cook A LOT. We are always entertaining and this would be so useful for that.

  47. Avatar

    I am so fascinated by the idea of sous-vide, and I have had it in a restaurant in New York. I have been collecting recipes and even a book – but not the equipment [email protected]

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    Celeste Herrin

    Really different. Something I’d like to try. I could make healthier versions of the meals I cook now! Thank you for the opportunity!

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    I love to use a slow cooker and this would Sous Vide Cooker intrigues me!

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    I have never used one before so I would love to give it a try!

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    Jillian Too

    It would be great to not have to worry about overcooking our dinner if there are distractions or interruptions.

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    I like the idea a lot, it seems much healthier than using gas or microwaves, and I won’t lie… clean up is a BIG plus.

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    I would love to learn how to cook healthy and delicious food for my family

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    I would love to learn Sous vide cooking.

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    I would love to have the Sousa Vide Cooker in my kitchen to make healthy and delicious meals.

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    I’ve seen this technique on cooking shows tons of times and have always been curious to try it. Nice to see a product that makes it a bit more accessible to the home cook.

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    Wayne Petko

    I’m a lousy cook and need all the help I can get

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    Sheri Anderson

    I would love to try this as it looks like a more healthy and better option in cooking, thanks!

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    Anny Banouvong

    Look very interesting, I would love this!

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    It looks like it would make food taste so much better

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    I would love it because it is so simple and looks like things come out so tender.

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    Oh, I think it would be very tasty and juicy way to have some chicken. Nothing worse than dried out meat that’s not jerky. Try hard to just finish it be nice.

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    Ellie Wright

    I would like to cook healthier for my family and this would be so helpful.

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    Ii am always looking for new cooking ideas. I love to slow cook and I would love to try Sous Vide.

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    Stephanie Phelps

    I would love to try the sous vide cooking because it is healthy and I am trying to cook m ore healthy things for my family but that are easy

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    I would love to try the sous vide cooking as it looks so easy and clean. It would be wonderful for entertaining during the holidays.

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    I would love to try this in my home to cook healthy meals!

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    I’ve heard about this and have been interested in trying it. That perfectly pink steak sounds great.

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    It’s uncharted territory! Thanks, and cheers.

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    I love cooking so trying something new is for me.

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    Susan Hanley

    I like how you can infuse different flavours into your food with this cooking method and that your food will come out moist and juicy.

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    I have always wanted to try sous vide cooking. Love that it is such a healthy and delicious way to prepare meals.

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    Mary Boudreau

    Looks like the perfect and easy way to cook great meals

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    Looks easy and healthy

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    I love that it provides a consistent level of heat. And I would feel like a Top Chef using one!

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    I’ve never tried this so I would be up for the challenge.

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    Debbie Craft

    I would love to try the Sous Vide method of cooking to really infuse flavour into the meat or whatever food I experiment with! I have always wanted one since first seeing it on food network. Hamilton Beach appliances are top notch and reliable, I would love to win this. Thank you!

    • Avatar
      Pam McDonald

      I always over cook things especially meat. This would save my family a lot of money. Plus give us healthier food options. Thank you!

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    Bonita Anderson

    I’ve never tried sous vide cooking, but I’ve been curious after seeing it on various cooking shows (that I love to watch.) I’m intrigued, and drawn to the idea of gentle cooking with control.

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    kay christiansen

    For the excitement of trying a new method of cooking.

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    Rajee Pandi

    Love to cook fish curry

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    Susan Heflin

    I can’t stand for long periods of time and the Sous Vide would let me cook more often. Sealing the food before cooking is also a healthier way to eat by keeping major nutrients in and you won’t lose the flavor.

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    Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    How have I never heard of this method!? I love that it eliminates the chance of over or undercooking the food.

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    I have SO much wanted t.ry this way of cooking! Not in the limited budget! I love the even cooking with this Sous Vide. WANT!

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    Jolie Misek

    This product would truly allow me to multi-task in the kitchen.

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    Lilly Pelletier

    Seems like a healthier way of cooking

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    I’ve heard so much about this method.

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    This fascinates me what a new way to make healthier meals.. Would love to win..

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    Susanne Troop

    It would make eating healthy easier!

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    Steve Weber

    I would like to have more precise cooking in my kitchen.

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    wow i never heard of this..this is an amazing way to eat healthy..

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    i’d like to try new ways to cook that are more precise.

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    Donna Wilson

    I’d like to bring sous vide cooking into my kitchen as I cook a lot of steaks, but I tend to overcook them so they’re often tough. This would really help!

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    Nancy Andrews

    I always like to learn new things in cooking and this would be great to use and learn.

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    trudy medrano

    Would love to try it!

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    Ken Haggerty

    I want my proteins to be precisely cooked……every time. I’ve been wanting one of these for quite some time now.

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    better cooking results

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    It’s a new and interesting way to cook that I would love to try.

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    Love to have this since I have bad health problems it’s hard for me to cook on the stove.

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    Debbie Bashford

    I tend to overcook everything because I get distracted by facebook, pinterest or anything shiny for that matter, this would save me!

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    It looks like a clean/clean way to cook.

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