Skip the Snack Aisle and Make Spiralizer Potato Chips

Am I the only one who purposefully avoids the snack aisle at the grocery store so that I don’t accidentally eat an entire bag of potato chips in 24 hours (or in one hour, let’s be honest)?

Spiralizer Potato Chips

If you are going to snack, it’s best to make them at home, right? You can control the ingredients and the sodium all the while having a little fun in the kitchen with the family.

Spiralizer Potato Chips

Next time you start craving potato chips, try this recipe. We decided to make a mixture or potato chips and sweet potato chips because we liked variation of color and flavor but you could fry a full batch of one or the other, depending on your preference.

Spiralizer Potato Chips

Heat oil to 375 degrees in a deep fryer. Using the ribbon disc, make potato ribbons using the 3-in-1 Spiralizer. The Test Kitchen found that potatoes can be peeled or unpeeled but it is best to peel the sweet potatoes before spiralizing.

Spiralizer Potato Chips

Place a single layer of potato ribbons in the deep fryer basket and fry for 1-2 minutes until the potatoes are golden brown and crisp. Lift the basket to drain the potatoes and transfer the chips to a paper towel-lined plate or tray to finish draining.

Spiralizer Potato Chips

We topped our homemade spiralized potato chips with coarse sea salt but you could add any of your favorite seasonings to spice up your chips. Smoked paprika, Old Bay, garlic salt or cayenne pepper would all add flavor to these crispy chips. These won’t last long so grab a bowl and serve immediately.

Spiralizer Potato Chips
Serves 4
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  1. 2 medium baking potatoes or sweet potatoes
  2. Sea salt
  1. Heat oil to 375°F in deep fryer.
  2. Potatoes can be peeled or unpeeled. Peel sweet potatoes. Using a spiralizer, make ribbons of potatoes or sweet potatoes.
  3. Place a single layer of potatoes in deep fryer basket.
  4. Fry until potatoes are browned and crisp, 1 to 3 minutes. Lift basket to drain potatoes and transfer to paper towel-lined tray to complete draining. Sprinkle with sea salt.
  1. Moisture content of potatoes varies and will affect frying time. Watch potatoes closely while frying and remove when browned and crisp.
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