DIY Wedding: Iron-On Transfer Welcome Bags & Durathon® Iron Giveaway

Wedding season is in full swing. If you’ve had to travel for weddings you’re probably familiar with receiving a welcome bag upon your arrival at the hotel – whether it’s filled with maps of the surrounding area or the trusty kit for the next morning complete with water and Advil. The favors always provide a warm welcome to guests and give the couple an opportunity to share their love for their city.

These DIY iron-on welcome bags are a great idea for couples who want to save a little cash all the while doing something special to welcome their guests.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Canvas bags
  • Transfer paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Durathon Iron (Enter to win one of your own using the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post)

Iron On Canvas Tote Bags - Durathon

We purchased canvas bags from a local craft store but you could order them online. We created our design for Colin and Lucy in Photoshop but you could use another program like InDesign or Illustrator – whatever program you are most familiar and comfortable with. Or for desperate times, recruit one or your tech-savvy, artistic friends to create the design for you.

Once you have your colors, font, and design set in stone, you’ll need to print your design onto transfer paper. You can purchase transfer paper at craft stores, office supply stores or online.

You will want to print your design onto transfer paper using a printer. Either an inkjet or laser printer will be specified on the transfer paper directions. It is very important you print a mirror image of your design. Your printer will have a mirror mode or you can create mirror images in the program you create the design in – either way will work.

Once your sheets are printed, it’s on to ironing. Directions vary by the type of transfer paper you purchase, so make sure you are following the directions that can be found on both the packaging and the individual sheets.

Iron On Canvas Tote Bags - Durathon

For our particular brand of transfer paper, it directed us to use two hands to apply adequate pressure onto the transfer sheet. The directions also said to cut the transfer sheet as close to the design as possible. Our design has a helpful border to help us keep cut in a straight line but you could use a ruler to help trace a border around your design and cut along those lines.

Iron On Canvas Tote Bags - Durathon

We ironed the transfers for about 90 seconds using our Durathon® iron, remembering to not use steam, which the transfer sheet also noted, and made sure to apply constant pressure. We let the sheets cool and then carefully – very carefully – pulled the sheet up leaving the design transferred onto the welcome bag.

Iron On Canvas Tote Bags - Durathon

Now for the best part – filling the bag with hometown goodies to greet your guests with. We chose a Richmond magnet that your guests can take home as a souvenier, local coffee, local bloody mary mix and a greeting card. You could fill these bags with whatever you like but your guests will definitely appreciate the time and effort put into making these cute custom bags and welcoming them to spend your special day with you and your loved ones.

Iron On Canvas Tote Bags - Durathon

While these DIY iron-ons are great for wedding favors, you could absolutely have fun creating custom totes for a craft day with the kids or even personalizing your reusable grocery bags.

Visit our website to shop our entire line of Durathon® irons and enter to win a Durathon® Digital Iron with Retractable Cord using the Rafflecopter widget below.

Iron On Canvas Tote Bags - Durathon

Durathon® Digital Iron with Retractable Cord

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  1. I like nice unwrinkled clothes, especially shirts so ironing is never a chore, it’s fun!

  2. Anna Roszak-Robinson

    I’ve never been very good at ironing, would love this one.

  3. Ironing make clothes and other things look nice. Especially when you add some iron ons to make it more interesting. Thank you for the chance to win one!

  4. Bernice Pierre

    I like to iron because I like my clothes to look neat, creased and crisp without wrinkles!

  5. Erick Santiago

    I/m a military amn so I just love creases on my pants and my shirts. I like to iron, but my wife does most of the ironing.

  6. velder dixon

    I iron for a living helping many .

  7. Christine Mayfield

    I do not like to iron, but my husband does! I think he secretly misses ironing his military uniform all the time.

  8. Cool

  9. Sharon G.

    Looks like a iron I can really get behind or my husband could lol

  10. Jan Mobley

    I quilt and craft all time and would love this iron.

  11. Nancy Skillin

    I am a quilter and my ironing board is never down. I love the look of this iron and the projects.

  12. Kathleen Smalling (Kitty)

    I love to iron! Yes, I really do. I think that crisp ironed clothing makes you feel your best and look your best!

  13. I would love to win a new Iron,mine is about 10 years old.Thanks for the chance!

  14. Angie Jerrell

    I can’t say I LOVE to iron, I would say it is a love hate thing. I love that my clothes, fabric for my sewning projects or my curtains to look crisp and great; but I hate the standing up for hours ironing thing! But we do what we need to do and when you do it with a great iron, that makes it easier! Blessings to whoever wins this iron. Think I will buy it if I don’t win, my son can take the old one to college next month!

  15. clyde houseman

    I iron while I watch tv because I like my family to look neat.

  16. heidi houseman

    I have ironed for years and I love the way my clothes look – crisp and clean. A good iron makes all the difference. Would love to win.

  17. I iron because pressed clothes are a must for me. Winning the Hamilton Beach Durathon Iron would allow me to look my best by using the best product on the market.

  18. Keri justice

    I don’t love to iron but I could totally use this. My iron was my husbands grandmas and it’s not very good!

  19. Jill Timms

    I iron everything, and it’s GREAT to see a sleek iron with much steam, and a retractable cord. May I say this iron looks awesome with its sleek styling. It’s the new car of irons.

  20. Niiyah Gore

    I will be moving out of my mothers home shortly for my first year of college and I’m already so scared and haven’t even thought to buy simple things such as an iron so I definitely need this

  21. I love to sew so a quality iron is a MUST. I get so much better results when I take te time to properly press While sewing.

  22. Mary Vantil

    I like to iron to make my families clothes look great!

  23. I do love to iron, but only with a GOOD iron. It makes the job so much more enjoyable.

  24. Joan Adolf

    Love to iron. When my clothes are ironed I feel classy. I can iron a complete set of BDU’s in 45 minutes. I bet with the 5 Durathon® Digital Iron I could cut that time down. Beautiful iron by the way.

  25. Kathy Lambert

    Love to iron means starting a new quilt.

  26. Kathleen Ely

    As a quilter I know how great a good iron can make a quilt.

  27. Susan Pearlman

    Ironing can be relaxing :)

  28. I love a good iron that can iron the toughest fabrics and still be gentle on delicate fabrics. This iron looks like it can fit the bill. I would love to win one of these.

  29. Nope, I don’t like to iron, I just dislike wrinkled clothes.

  30. Carolyn Gatlin

    I am a quilter and love to press my blocks. Really could use a good iron

  31. I don’t know if I’m old fashioned or not, but I still iron our clothes and when I am sewing, there is always an iron close and on. Appreciate the chance to win this neat iron!!!!

  32. kris jarchow

    Wow looks awesome!!

  33. these look awesome

  34. Verna Thomas

    I love to iron. I am a quilter and a good iron is especially important.

  35. Sunshine Whillans

    I love to iron because it means my hubby has a means to support our family :) He does all the laundry and I iron his dress clothes, win win!

  36. Erin Trefz

    Looks awesome!

  37. Carol Yemola

    I hate to iron, but a good iron always makes it easier and more fun!

  38. margaret porter

    sadly my iron quit on me and I havent replaced it. I could sure use a new one!

  39. Patrice Hartung

    When I sew or quilt, an iron is of major importance to press seams. Ironing also adds the final touch to an outfit by smoothing out the wrinkles and making you look sharp.

  40. angela banner

    Ironed clothes feel so fresh

  41. Ruth Davis

    It would be very nice to have a good iron to make ironing easier. I love to see freshly ironed material and clothes.

  42. I quilt, and pressing those seams is so very important. A new iron would be a dream come true. And yours sounds like it’s a miracle from Heaven. Thank you for the giveaway.

  43. I have to use an iron when I quilt and other sewing projects I could really use a new one. Thank you very much

  44. Love it. I would love to win a new iron., My iron is has just about had it.

  45. Valerie H

    I leave to iron! I know in this day and age it odd but I find it very relaxing. I also love rb clean crisp look of ironed clothes and th crease in a pair of pants or slacks. Thank for the chance to win !

  46. Yvonne Foy

    Wow, this iron looks like it could make a lot of work go easier.


    I love to iron when Im sewing it makes things look more professional and sharp. But it especially fun with a new iron. Everytime I get a new iron everything in the house gets ironed.

  48. Christina Constantine

    I need a new one please

  49. leslie medina

    perfect for my niece

  50. Madeline del Valle

    I hate ironing because it’s hard 2 find a really good iron. The iron has 2 be good 2 get rid of all the wrinkle’s the first time! Would love 2 try this one out. Looks like it’s very well made.

  51. bonnie newman

    Ironing is awful when your iron is old.

  52. Tomekia Walker

    I love to iron because appearance in how well my clothes are ironed is important.

  53. Would love to win!

  54. María Azucena bedoy

    I would like to win is perfect for my son he need one in the collage…

  55. Kristen M

    I don’t love to iron…but would if I had an iron that didn’t leave marks! I would love to use this iron for heat setting ink when making block prints on fabric.

  56. I like to iron because I like my clothes to look nice.

  57. I would love to own a iron like this. My whole life[72 years], I have always had to buy cheap irons. It was all I could afford. What a joy to win a iron like this. Thanks for offering this iron in a give away.

  58. I am a Dude and do not like Ironing BUT this HB iron looks pretty sweet! I would love to have and LOVE IRONING!!!! :)

  59. Deborah Sorrentino

    Love to iron so my clothes look great!

  60. I don’t iron as much as I use to but it is all about a great iron. I would love to win this.

  61. I love the crisp and clean look and scent of freshly ironed clothes. I need this great iron! Thank you for the chance to win!

  62. Love this! Would love to have one.

  63. Kathy Kuhar

    Looks like a Wonderful Iron-would love to win it.

  64. Audrey H.

    I do like my clothes to look nice, I especially like my family’s clothes to look sharp.

  65. jeannine d

    I love how clean and sharp it makes my clothes look

  66. I love to iron as it is soothing for me and press out the wrinkles.


    I’ve started quilting and love the crisp look an iron gives the fabric.

  68. Rebecca Weems

    Looks like a great iron. I need a good one.

  69. Rachel Clarke

    I love to iron while I watch tv. It calms me. I think that I picked that up from my mom.

  70. carol donnermeyer

    I need a new iron and I would love to win this one. Thank you for the contest and I hope I win so that I can be the best pressed.

  71. Mei-Lan Chung

    would love to win this iron :)

  72. Vickie Kenderdine

    I quilt, so I press a lot of fabric. This iron sounds like it would be perfect for quilting!!!

  73. Pauline Turner

    I buy mostly cotton clothes, so I iron quite often. I have friends that don’t even own an iron, but I can’t imagine life without one!!!

  74. Donna DaBillo

    I would love this iron. I had a good one (not this good) and let someone borrow it, never got it back. I have needed it several times since.

  75. Rachel Byrne

    This looks like a wonderful iron! I got mine on Freecycle several years ago and could really use an upgrade.

  76. Connie Lee

    I don’t iron a whole lot, but when I do, I like having an iron that will do the job. My iron is so old, I would really love to have a new one!


    The Durathon® Digital Iron with Retractable Cord would be a great replacement for the iron I’ve been using since 1975.

  78. sharon bugar

    I love to iron too! It makes me feel and look my best.

  79. I like to iron as long as I can good tools.

  80. Kathleen Walsh

    I love to iron because I get great satisfaction wearing freshly pressed clothes!

  81. That would make my ironing board blues go a lot smoother.

  82. I can’t say I love to iron, but don’t mind if I have a good iron!

  83. I would love to win this. Just moved and had to get rid of everything as it was too expensive to move it all.

  84. I think I’m odd in that I enjoy ironing with a good iron,

  85. Kim Thieleman

    That Iron looks awesome, has a modern look to it with modern day features. Love it.

  86. Sarah Flagler

    Looks fantastic!

  87. Sandra Williams

    Love to iron, yeah, in the sense that your clothes look better !! :) But it is nicer when it’s a nice iron!

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