The Ultimate Hot Dog Bar

Memorial Day is most importantly a day to remember our armed service members who have fallen, but it also unofficially marks the beginning of summer and ultimately, grilling season.

Memorial Dat Hot Dog Bar

If you and your friends, family, and neighbors plan on breaking out the grill, enjoying the warm weather, and throwing a Memorial Day cookout, put together this patriotic hot dog bar.

Memorial Day Hot Dog Bar

Amongst your miniature flags and red, white and blue plates, straws, and napkins, assemble an array of condiments and a tray of hot dogs straight off the grill so your guests can easily mix and match their favorite toppings.

Memorial Day Hot Dog Bar

We decorated our table with a red and white plaid tablecloth, red flowers, mini blue candle jars, a mini chalkboard, and a bright blue Party Crock filled with chili to top the hot dogs with. We filled mini jars with mustard, ketchup, onions, relish, Chow-Chow and banana peppers for our guests to pick from but feel free add as many condiments as your table has room for. The more the merrier in our opinion.

Memorial Day Hot Dog Bar

We think your guests will appreciate having something other than the usual suspects to put on their hotdogs and hopefully the kids will have fun finding their favorite combinations. Just make sure there are plenty of napkins near by, we have no doubt that a few of your guests will pile these toppings high.

For recipe inspiration, click here for Hot Dog Styles Across America. 

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