One-Cup Wonder: The FlexBrew® Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Single-serve coffee makers are making their way to more and more kitchen counters and there are plenty of reasons why. Maybe you only have time to drink one cup in the morning, or you like your coffee on the weaker side while the rest of the family prefers a stronger cup. Here at Hamilton Beach, we understand the ability to serve a crowd with a large pot of coffee, but we also understand the convenience and ease that fuels the growing popularity of single-serve coffee makers. 

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker from Everyday Good Thinking @hamiltonbeach

The FlexBrew® Single-Serve coffee maker is a versatile appliance that allows you to control everything from the type of coffee you use, to your drinking vessel, to the strength of your coffee.

FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

With the FlexBrew® Single-Serve coffee maker, you can easily use a single-serve pack or coffee grounds. The unit is compatible with any single-serve pack, but also comes equipped with a basket you can insert if you want to use your favorite coffee grounds. 

FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

I think we’d all prefer to be able to sit down and leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, but sometimes we are running out the door. We’ve all been there. The FlexBrew® allows you to adjust the cup rest for either a standard cup or travel mug if you need to take your coffee to-go.

FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

The FlexBrew® also helps maximize your brewing flexibility at home by allowing you to chose a  “Bold” or “Regular” brew option. This way the weaker coffee drinkers in the house have their way, while you can easily brew a rich, bold cup using the same machine.

FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

While the FlexBrew® Single-Serve coffee maker allows you to customize every cup of coffee, it is also extremely easy to clean. We recommend pouring 3/4 cup of plain white vinegar and 3/4 cup of cold water into the reservoir. Place a cup underneath to catch the water/vinegar solution once the brew cycle finishes. Press the REGULAR or BOLD button once. After 30 seconds, unplug the machine and allow the vinegar to clean. After 30 minutes, plug in the unit and press the REGULAR button and allow it to finish the brew cycle. When brew cycle is finished, wait for coffee maker to cool. Run 2 or 3 brew cycles of cold tap water. After those cycles finish, the unit is clean and ready to make coffee.

We also recommend routinely cleaning the needle on your single-serve coffee maker.  The needle is located in the lid of the coffee maker. To clean the needle, bend a small paperclip and insert the tip of the paper clip through the hole/eye of the needle and up into the needle to ensure grounds have been removed. Brew 2 or 3 times with cold water to make sure grounds have been removed.  For more tips on cleaning your FlexBrew®, read our Use & Care Guide.

Cleaning your coffee maker once a month will help your coffeemaker to last longer and brew a better tasting cup of coffee.

To view our entire line of FlexBrew® Single-Serve coffee makers, or to learn more, click here.

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  1. Avatar
    Dale L. Martin

    About 4 months ago I purchased a flexbrew one cup coffee maker. It stopped working. I have cleaned the basket, the coffee spigot and all other parts. It makes a brewing sound but does not make coffee. I bought this new pot at Tuesday Morning and did not keep the invoice because I consider Hamilton Beach very reliable. I am very disappointed. Dale L. Martin

  2. Avatar
    Jill Martin

    I love a very bold flavored coffee!

  3. Avatar
    Phil Martin

    I love a French Press!

  4. Avatar

    Get tips and I love the different ways to brew single cup and a travel cup! I love it! Need this in my life!

  5. Avatar
    Deborah Cochran

    I love the opportunity to choose regular or bold but I think I would choose bold more often. Love the single cup coffee maker – perfect for a quick cup of coffee!

  6. Avatar
    Stephanie Beaver

    I would swap between a pot and a to go cup. This is a coffee lovers paradise. I would try every way. Even through a party with cake and show off my one cup wonder!

  7. Avatar
    Tammy Agdeppa

    This would be perfect for my college bound, coffee loving son!

  8. Avatar
    Leslie Petersen

    I love the single cup method…’s perfect for everyone’s different tastes and the coffee is always freshly brewed instead of sitting in the pot for hours!

  9. Avatar

    This would be a great unit to consider for those who are looking at the HB Scoop coffeemaker. I for one might go for the Flexbrew since you have those other added options, and I like that it has a fairly reasonable electronic footprint. Also to Varnar Paddack, the 49970 you mention takes coffee pods-Senseo or Melitta is recommended; if I am not mistaken these resemble round tea bags (and you can also use traditional tea bags for this one too.)

  10. Avatar
    Sharon Bugar

    I enjoyed reading your tips about this coffee maker such as cleaning the needle and how to do it. I really need a new coffee maker and this is the perfect size for me. I would choose the regular option for myself.

  11. Avatar
    varner l paddack

    What kind of pod does a 1 cup coffee maker use, brand or size? I cannot seem to find anything at my local super market. The unit is A-70, model 49970

  12. Avatar

    Enter me to win one

  13. Avatar

    I like how I can have regular and he can have bold. I was just saying yesterday that his coffee was way too strong for me.!

  14. Avatar
    Sheryl Edwards

    2-Way FlexBrew® coffee maker would be ideal for me

  15. Avatar
    Deborah Dalton

    I would love to win this coffee maker. I have a large one but love the small size of this one. My husband and I have to have our large cup of coffee in the morning but that is usually all we drink so a smaller one would be great. It would not take up the room on my countertop like the big one does!

  16. Avatar
    Nancy Reid

    I usually use the single cup method but when I have company I have to search for my old coffee maker to accommodate my guests so they don’t have to wait. It would be nice to have both methods in one convenient reliable machine. Thanks or the chance.

  17. Avatar
    Diana Newman

    I have the “Scoop” coffee maker and just love it. However, it is time to upgrade to one that gives me the flexibility to use either the cups or my own ground coffee.

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