A Coffee and Breakfast Bar for your Overnight Guests

Around the holidays, most of us have either been a guest in someone’s home or hosted out-of-town guests in our own. And if you’re from a big family, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a fresh cup of coffee in the morning (or a breakfast you’ll actually want to eat). 

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Bar | Everyday Good Thinking

A coffee and breakfast bar is just the thing your crew needs to get their morning fuel without waking up the entire house and dirtying every dish in your cupboard. 

Breakfast Bar - FlexBrew BBM BSM-38

For the java drinkers, a 2-Way FlexBrew is the ideal coffee maker. We all have a few decaf, half-caf or flavored coffee drinkers in our families. Why dedicate a whole pot to the chocolate-hazelnut Aunt Millie likes to sip? The 2-Way FlexBrew coffee maker lets you brew a single serving with K-Cup┬« single serve packs, alongside the a standard 12-cup carafe. Brew a pot of regular for the crowd, and let the decaf light roast drinkers make a single serving one at a time. You could even program the carafe side to brew ahead of time so the house fills with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. That should get them out of bed.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Bar | Everyday Good Thinking

What if Uncle Jim has a his fancy imported ground coffee? No worries. The FlexBrew can also make a cup on the single-serve side using fresh grounds. It truly is the most flexible brewing system you could have in your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Bar | Everyday Good Thinking

When it comes to breakfast, is there anything more customizable than a breakfast sandwich? Well, maybe a breakfast burrito. Your guests can make either with the Breakfast Sandwich Maker and Breakfast Burrito Maker. Set up the buffet with a basket of eggs, pre-cooked bacon or sausage, cheese, veggies, English muffins and flour tortillas. Sandwiches and burritos are ready in under five minutes, so everyone can get a hot breakfast quickly. And with the Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, two sandwiches can be made at once, making the buffet line move even faster. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the line to the shower. 

Breakfast Bar - FlexBrew BBM BSM-15

Best of all, the Breakfast Sandwich Maker and Breakfast Burrito Maker have removable nonstick parts. Just toss them in the dishwasher and start prepping your holiday meal while the family fights over the TV remote. 

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  1. Thank You For Sharing These Wonderful Post It Will Certainly Be Less Trouble The Cooking & House Guest May You All Have A Blessed 2015 Thanksgiving!!!

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