Win a SodaStation Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker

The @HamiltonBeach SodaStation lets you get carbonated water or soda on the go - I love this hand-held version! Win one at, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

The new Hamilton Beach SodaStation™ Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker is the best way to make fresh soda and sparkling drinks. You can make an endless variety of carbonated beverages at home and then slip the compact soda maker into any drawer. You don’t need electricity and you don’t need to waste valuable counter space. Keep it in the kitchen, bar, camper, desk drawer or anywhere you want to enjoy soft drinks or sparkling water.

Will you make sparkling water and infuse it with lemons, limes or berries? How about cola, Italian soda or root beer floats? You can even make your own club soda and tonic water. Let us know what kind of carbonated drinks you’d make with the SodaStation™ below, and you could win one of your own.

The @HamiltonBeach SodaStation lets you get carbonated water or soda on the go - I love this hand-held version! Win one at, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

  • Simply twist, carbonate & enjoy

  • Make your favorite soda right at home – simply add your favorite flavor

  • Earth friendly and economical – fewer empties to recycle or throw away

  • No electricity needed

  • Compact, easy to store

  • Includes 10 recyclable 8 gram CO2 cartridges & 1 quick-connect, one liter BPA-free bottle

  • Adjustable fizz control

  • Plain water in, sparkling water out

  • Simple to use:

    1. Insert CO2 cartridge

    2. Connect bottle with a simple twist

    3. Twist knob to carbonate

    4. Enjoy sparkling water or add flavor

The @HamiltonBeach SodaStation lets you get carbonated water or soda on the go - I love this hand-held version! Win one at, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Five lucky winners will receive their very own SodaStation™ Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker. Winners will be announced on April 30th. Enter below and share to increase your chances of winning.

The @HamiltonBeach SodaStation lets you get carbonated water or soda on the go - I love this hand-held version! Win one at, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

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  1. I’ll drink to that… Hic!

  2. Anthony wright

    Peach mango lime splash

  3. sparkling soda without the added expense buying soda liter making waste of bottles and costs. Better economy wise. Awesome!

  4. edward jensen

    really could use this could save some money using this

  5. edward jensen

    like salt free sparkling water

    like sugar free soda

  6. Peach with Lemon!

  7. Kimberly K.

    I love Cream Soda.

  8. I love all sparkling cidesr.

  9. It is a watermelon drink with seltzer

  10. H.E. DeLuna

    I like Sparkling Cider.

  11. Jessica Coker

    Sparkling Peach flavored Water

  12. christina staley

    love soda stream

  13. This is such a great product that would be great in our home for every day use and entertaining.

  14. sparkling water with a bit of cranberry juice

  15. would love this! so amazing!

  16. This is awesome!

  17. I’ve been wanting to get something like this for my parents

  18. yolanda blair

    would love this

  19. Rhonda Tatum

    Really like this!

  20. Yvette mason

    Looks great!

  21. Its so cute!

  22. Grape , haven’t had in awhile .

  23. arthur rosenkampff, Jr.


  24. Elizabeth Sewall

    Would love to try this!!!

  25. this looks like something you could really use with ease. a Nice fruity flavor

  26. Heather McKenzie Carter

    Raspberry water!

  27. I would love to win one of these.

  28. I adore anything with fresh squeezed lime and fizz water with a dash of honey

  29. janet stich

    anything fruit cherry

  30. I like anything that’s light and taste refreshing

  31. I love anything fruity like fruit punch drinks.

  32. Awesome invention!

  33. Heather Crouch

    this would be awesome! I didn’t know there was a handheld brand/version out there!

  34. Rachel Mackie

    We love soda stream – cranberry by ocean spray is my favorite

    • Heather Lemont

      I would love to win this! I have always wanted to try one! It would really cut down on costs from buying all the sodas from the store! Please!

  35. I love sparkling drinks! Have been purchasing La Croix, but would love to try making my own.

  36. Everal Carter

    I would love one of these!! It would be much better than buying soda!

  37. I love sparkling cider.

  38. Awesomesauce

  39. Meredith Tinsley

    looks cool

  40. Patricia Jone.

    This looks so neat and fun. Hope to win one. :)

  41. Ashley Dionne


  42. Catherine Robb-Husen


  43. tania harvey

    Id love this!

  44. This would be great to use on our sailboat! I hope I win one!

  45. Linda Peavy

    I love a sparkling lemonade but my favorite is a diet cola

  46. sparkling water, lemonade would try several

  47. I like plain old seltzer

  48. I love good old plain sparling water but my kids love root beer I like that you can add your own natural flavorings :)

  49. I would like to win one of these, seen them, but don’t have one, and I would really use it to save on buying Sodas.

  50. May Rodgers

    I would love to win this. We drink a lot of pop at our church group functions and this would afford us the opportunity to make many different flavors..

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