Hostess Gift Ideas: Slow Cooker Gift Basket Giveaway


With the holidays coming up, there will be lots of parties, get-togethers and dinners with friends. If you’re in need of a hostess gift, we have a few ideas that might be better than the traditional bottle of wine or potted plant.

Citrus Juicer and Bag of Fruit

Fill a small bag or basket with oranges, grapefruits and limes and gift it alongside this affordable FreshMix™ 2 Cup Citrus Juicer (66333). Your hostess will be able to make fresh juice cocktails or serve juice with breakfast the next day.

Optional: add on Mason Jar sipper cups, a glass carafe or colored paper straws.

Coffee Grinder and Whole Bean Artisan Coffee

A coffee grinder is small, affordable and versatile, making it the perfect item for your favorite host or hostess. The coffee can be served with dessert or your host can use it later for fresh grinds before work. (See our coffee tips here. Print a copy to go with the gift.)

Optional: if your host or hostess isn’t a coffee drinker, gift the grinder with whole spices. It works equally well as a spice grinder!

Single-Serve Blender and Smoothie Recipe Book

Single-serve blenders are very popular right now as people are on-the-go, but want a healthy breakfast. This great gift offers your hostess a way to make that happen. It’s also great for making sauces, mayonnaise and dressings.

Optional: include some smoothie ingredients so your hostess has breakfast ready to go the next morning.

3-Quart Slow Cooker and Soup Ingredients

We’ve mentioned how much we love slow cooker gift baskets before, and we had to show you again. (Don’t forget, it’s a whole month of slow cookers!) Soup is very easy to make in a slow cooker, so offer one for the hostess as a gift that keeps on giving. It will get tons of use and the modern leaf design will compliment every kitchen.

We are giving one of these wonderful hostess gifts away this week. The 3-Quart Slow Cooker is filled with great soup ingredients, a cookbook and more! Scroll down to enter and check back on Friday to see if you’re this week’s lucky winner!

See last week’s winner here.

October Slow Cooker Takeover with @HamiltonBeach

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  1. Avatar

    I love my slow cooker, I need to win one for my son and his girlfriend!

  2. Avatar
    Jennifer cusanelli

    Cutest gift basket ever. Love making Autumn Soups in a slow cooker.

  3. Avatar
    Cathy Bradford


  4. Avatar

    I would like to make soup, or chilli.

  5. Avatar
    Glenda DeKeyser

    I would make a nice soup or stew. With the colder weather, I am ready for it!

  6. Avatar

    I’d like to make a beef stew

  7. Avatar
    Sandy Nevels

    Id love to make a pot roast, stew or chili

  8. Avatar

    Chicken noodle soup

  9. Avatar

    Navy bean soup with ham hocks, onion, carrot and potato

  10. Avatar

    Cutest. Slowcooker. Ever. The very first thing I’d make is some soup using those great ingredients that are included in the gift basket! Fantastic! Thanks for a fun giveaway- so glad I spotted it on Twitter. :)

    Love, Joy

  11. Avatar

    Butternut Squash Soup

  12. Avatar

    I love to make shredded BBQ chicken! My crock-pot is 27 years old and still going :)

  13. Avatar

    Tukey chili!

  14. Avatar

    I’ve been searching for a yummy brownie recipe and the one on twitter has peaked my interest. Thanks for the chance to win, twitter [email protected]

  15. Avatar

    dEFINITELY NEED…mine cracked

  16. Avatar

    i would make BBQ pulled pork

  17. Avatar

    I want to learn to do desserts in a slow cooker!

    • Avatar
      Kristel Poole

      Hi Debra, I hope you got a chance to see our guest post from Completely Delicious. She did a fantastic brownie recipe!

  18. Avatar

    crock pot cooking time is here!

  19. Avatar
    Carl L Smith Jr

    I would make Gumbo

  20. Avatar
    Debbie Woods

    Great design!

  21. Avatar

    it’s so cute!

  22. Avatar

    a GREAT GIFT!!!

  23. Avatar

    stew :)

  24. Avatar

    Awesome giveaway!

  25. Avatar

    I’d love to cook a deer steak in my slow cooker with vegtables and chicken noodle soop

  26. Avatar

    Making so many meals for my family :)

  27. Avatar

    I use my crock pot so much it has worn out. I make dinner (sopu,chili, roast beef, pulled pork) in it all the time.

  28. Avatar

    Chicken or pork chops with some type of sauce on them

  29. Avatar

    chili, lasagna, beef roast, chicken roast, gravy and minute steak, and i would try new recipes in my crock pot.

  30. Avatar

    i would make beef stew with burgundy wine

  31. Avatar

    I would make chili or beef stew.

  32. Avatar

    Slow cookers mean stew at my house!

  33. Avatar
    amanda gumpper

    I love these ideas, such good ones!

  34. Avatar

    These are great ideas! Thanks!

  35. Avatar

    I woud love to make so many things ,had a eye on making chilly

    • Avatar

      I would love to win a new Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker, I would like to get more involved with cooking in one for my busy family!!

  36. Avatar

    I’d make pinto beans to go with mexicorn bread. This is a good cool weather meal.

  37. Avatar

    I’d to win…I’d make some chili or tortilla soup!

  38. Avatar

    Would love to make soup in there! Perfect weather for it!

  39. Avatar
    Deb Tesauro

    Perfect time of year for stews and soups!!

  40. Avatar
    Dave Martin

    BBQ Meatballs

  41. Avatar
    roger franks

    i like making chili and soup in 1 crock pot and sweets in the other i do alot of crockpot cooking

  42. Avatar
    Lori Kronner

    i love making Chili in my crockpot or a roast!

  43. Avatar
    Teresa Organ

    Pot Roast or some kind of Soup.

  44. Avatar

    I’d love to make homemade applesauce with all the apples we just picked!

  45. Avatar

    With fall here and winter on it’s way, I love using my slow cooker. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Avatar

    living in desert like central California, crock pot cooking is surely the way to go for not having to worry about heating up the kitchen for your meal (& it’s too hot to grill too!)

  47. Avatar

    I love making baked potatoes in a crockpot.

  48. Avatar

    Pot roast!

  49. Avatar

    water chestnuts wrapped with Bacon in barbecue sauce

  50. Avatar

    Bacon wrapped water chestnuts with barbecue sauce

  51. Avatar
    Kristine Pavlik

    Chicken spinich soup. yum!

  52. Avatar
    audrey bernhard

    I would make a yummy pot roast on a cold idaho night.

  53. Avatar

    beef stew

  54. Avatar

    I would make chili

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