Black Cow Day

Black Cow Day


Pat, Laurie and I all have something very important in common: we love ice cream. Everywhere we go, we make sure we stop at local ice cream shops to try the homemade flavors and compare notes. When we heard about Black Cow Day, we couldn’t wait to get in the test kitchen and make ice cream so we could create a root beer float for you.

To make a Black Cow, you scoop vanilla ice cream into a glass and then add root beer. The legend states the drink was created in 1893 by Frank Wisner, owner of a Colorado soda shop, when he was enjoying the view of snow-capped mountains in his mining town, especially one called Cow Mountain. The white cap reminded him of an ice cream scoop, and the brown mountain made him wonder what would happen if he added the locals’ favorite root beer he made himself. The Black Cow Mountain drink was born and the name was later shortened to Black Cow. Of course, many of us know it simply as a root beer float, but no matter what you call it, we can all agree that it is delicious.

Here are our recipes for vanilla ice creams in a variety of batch sizes that will help you get started. Once your ice cream is done, scoop into a mug or milkshake glass and top with your favorite root beer. The Black Cow will be perfect for hot summer days and you’ll be brought right back to your childhood when you take a sip.


Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream
(for 1.5 quart capacity ice cream maker | for 4 quart capacity ice cream maker)

Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream
(for Hamilton Beach half-pint ice cream maker)

Easy Vanilla Ice Cream
(for 1.5 quart capacity ice cream maker | for 4 quart capacity ice cream maker)

Find Hamilton Beach ice cream makers in various sizes by clicking here.

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