Hamilton Beach Ambassador Guidelines

Our Approach:

At Hamilton Beach, we believe in the power of social media and the conversations that are taking place every day. Ambassadors are vital to our brand and our relationship with our consumers. We not only read blogs, we follow them, we contribute to them and we even have one of our own. Hamilton Beach gains significant insights from our ambassadors and we respect the time and effort behind every post. In other words, we value you and our relationship with you. We take the time to read blogs because we admire your influence. We are careful in our selection and choose to partner with ambassadors we believe match our Good Thinking® approach to our products and brand.

Hamilton Beach follows the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. We ask ambassadors to be transparent in your experience with our product(s) and comply with FTC disclosure of material connections. If you receive a product from Hamilton Beach for free to review or promote, you must reveal such on your blog. Hamilton Beach is interested in honest reviews and you are entitled to blog about your experience as you see fit. For information on the FTC’s guidelines, please visit:


Join: http://hamiltonbeachbecomeanambassador.influencersignup.com/

Ambassador Outreach Participation Requirements:

To participate in any promotion or program, you must be 18 years or older and reside in the 50 United States or D.C.. Hamilton Beach is unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. Hamilton Beach will not pay any form of compensation to review our product(s).

Our Guidelines:

We do not use a “cookie cutter” approach in our selection of ambassadors to partner with. We select blogs that fit our Good Thinking® DNA and are interested in building long-term relationships. A few things we look at when reading your blog:

Will the product(s) be a good fit?

We want your readers to have engaging experiences. If we choose to partner, it is important the product we agree upon is a good fit for your readers and our brand.


We will read your blog to ensure your style and tone match our consumer. We look for blogs that are articulate, approachable and interesting to read. Ambassadors should interact with their readers and use a variety of social media channels to promote their blog. We work with blogs of all sizes and we do not discourage anyone from reaching out to us. Join: http://hamiltonbeachbecomeanambassador.influencersignup.com/ 

Our Relationship:

We are looking to build long-term relationships and brand advocates. While we give you our product(s) to test, we will never instruct you on what to say. We believe in your authentic opinion. We like to help ambassadors by promoting their posts. When appropriate, we will use our social media properties to promote your blog.

If you are interested in joining our ambassador database, click here to enter your information.