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Intellitime Slow Cooker from @hamiltonbeach

How to Choose a Slow Cooker

  There are many types of slow cookers on the market today. How do you know which one is right for you? We’ve created a simple guide to help take the guesswork out of slow cooker shopping. Is your slow cooker just as likely to be used on the road as it is at home?…

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Moroccan Spiced Lamb Stew from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Stew

A vibrant blend of Moroccan spices makes a perfect complement to lamb and apricot stew. Ginger, cinnamon, salt and pepper mixed with aromatic nutmeg and cloves make this warming stew both homey and exotic. Lamb is commonly used in Moroccan cuisine, and marries well to this blend of spices. Let the stew come together in…

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Peppered Prime Rib Beef Roast with Wasabi Cream Sauce from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Peppered Rib-Eye Beef with Wasabi Cream Sauce

  Every now and then, you eat something that makes you pinch yourself because you think it’s too good to be true. That’s how I feel about this beef rib roast. We splurged a little on a prime rib roast and asked the butcher at the grocery store to trim and tie it for us,…

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Baked Ham with Honey Glaze from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Baked Ham with Honey Glaze

The star of the Christmas dinner table varies depending on geographic location. When I spent the holidays with a friend from New York, lamb was served as the centerpiece. When I went to visit a friend from North Carolina, the star was a big, beautiful baked ham. Because Hamilton Beach headquarters resides in the South,…

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Hot Buttered Rum from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum is a classic fireside cocktail, perfect for the colder months when we need to warm up from the chill outside. Serve it as a hot beverage at a party (guests will welcome the warm mug in their cool hands) or as an after-dinner drink that keeps the conversation flowing. The fruity hot…

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