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Leftover Easter Eggs? Make this Classic Egg Salad from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach -

Classic Egg Salad

I know it seems like it snowed just yesterday, but soon colorful Easter eggs will be all over Pinterest and flyers for Easter egg hunts will be plastered everywhere. If there’s one kitchen task I’ve always avoided, it’s making hard-boiled eggs. As accomplished as I am in the kitchen, I always seem to mess them…

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Best way to make a meatloaf sandwich - Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich

Yesterday, we made a delicious meatloaf covertly filled with healthful ingredients like ground turkey and handfuls of veggies. Today, we have a few leftovers, as you might, too. If you don’t want to have the same meal two days in a row, try these delicious sandwiches. Use your favorite type of bread and add a…

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Tomato Basil Soup and Grown-Up Grilled Cheese (with bacon!) from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Tomato Basil Soup with Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

  Tomato soup is one of those foods that immediately conjures memories of my childhood. My parents would heat up canned tomato soup and serve it with a grilled cheese sandwich made of white bread and American cheese. It wasn’t particularly fancy, but it was good, old-fashioned “kid food” and my brothers and I loved…

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Curried Chicken Salad - Easy Recipes for Chicken Leftovers from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Two Easy Recipes for Chicken Leftovers

This week, we’ve shown you two easy ways to cook a whole chicken. If you didn’t eat that whole chicken in one night, you probably have some leftovers and need some ideas to spice them up. Here are two easy dishes, based on what we like to do with our own leftovers at home. The…

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Cheesy Sausage Egg Breakfast Sandwich with @HamiltonBeach Breakfast Sandwich Maker | Everyday Good Thinking

National Egg Month: Light or Loaded

May is National Egg Month here in the United States, and that means we have to whip out our Breakfast Sandwich Makers. The egg sandwich is a classic for a reason: it’s soft and fluffy and goes perfectly with cheese and bread. We have prepared the breakfast sandwich for you two ways: one light and one loaded.

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