Satisfying Snow Day Breakfasts

Snow falls overnight and you wake up to find that both the office and school are closed. You crawl back into bed for a couple of hours and wake up to a full house (full of hungry bellies).  With the kids home from school, it’s a great time to get the entire family in the kitchen and cook a big breakfast. After all, you’ll need to fuel up before a day packed with sledding, snowball fights, and snowman construction. These breakfast recipes are perfect for chilly snow day mornings. Put on your coziest sweatpants and fuzziest wool socks and head to the kitchen.

No snow day breakfast is complete without a piping hot cup of coffee. Enter to win a Hamilton Beach® 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker using the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post. You can make a full pot for the family and take a cup to-go when you head outside to enjoy the winter wonderland.

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Quick and Easy Donut Bites

Donut Bites

Baked Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Baked Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole from Sally's Baking Addiction

Cheesy Egg and Sausage Biscuit 

Cheesy Sausage Egg Breakfast Sandwich with @HamiltonBeach Breakfast Sandwich Maker | Everyday Good Thinking

Oatmeal Breakfast Bites from A Night Owl Blog 

Oatmeal Breakfast Bites from A Night Owl Blog

Country Sausage Gravy and Biscuits from Self Proclaimed Foodie

Country Sausage Gravy from Self Proclaimed Foodie

Fried Apple Pies 

Fried Apple Pies | @hamiltonbeach

Cheesy Broccoli Bacon Tart from Fifteen Spatulas

Broccoli Cheddar Tart from Fifteen Spatulas


Satisfying Sow Day Breakfasts



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  1. Gary Watkins

    On a snow day or any Sunday, there is nothing like a Silver Fizz, Eggs Benedict, a good cup of coffee with Irish Cream, and the newspaper.

  2. Leigh Nichols


  3. eggs with onion, mushroom, peppers, cheese in a tortilla wrap.

  4. Michelle Reno

    a big pot of some kind of soup

  5. Pancakes and scrambled eggs with bacon :)

  6. kathleen decicco

    Pancakes and bacon!

  7. Linda Bragg

    Biscuit and gravy on a snowy day it’s my husband favorite.

  8. bernardina sims

    Snow days is hearty chicken fried steak and eggs!

  9. Oatmeal

  10. Cathi Carpenter

    Usually I cook a big stack of French toast for my guys and I eat a GIANT egg white scrambled with cheese! We are in Georgia so we LIVE for the idea of SNOW!!!!

  11. I love to whip up a delicious, cheesy quiche!

  12. on snowy days like today I cook oatmeal from scratch and add marshmallows to it instead of sugar!!!

  13. We love a good old country breakfast of either bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits, and gravy.

  14. Snow days or cold rainy days in Texas call for sausage gravy over biscuits and eggs, coffee for grown ups and hot chocolate for kids.

  15. Diana Huffer

    On snow days, we’re all about comfort food. Fluffy scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, buttermilk pancakes with toppings… Yum!

  16. Barbara Wicklund


  17. Brian Patterson

    I make scrambled eggs, homemade hash browns, ancient grain toast and hot coffee.

  18. I cook an omelet and bacon and pancakes!

  19. Eggs, hash browns and bean with steaming hot coffee.

  20. I love to make homemade waffles and scrambled eggs.

  21. kristy balser

    I cook waffles and bacon

  22. Lisa Shepherd

    A snowy day calls for sausage gravy with biscuits!Yum!

  23. Tiffany Sevcik

    These look delicious! I start around 7!

  24. On snowy days, I love to have a nice bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit and a hot cup of coffee.

  25. Karla Franklin

    Pancakes, bacon and side dish of snow creme!

  26. On winter days we make bacon and eggs with toast!

  27. Jeff Rothrock

    pancakes,sausage,eggs,toats coffee

  28. jodi kozloff

    always have blueberry pancakes and bacon before the kids head outside..great memories

  29. Jerry Cundiff

    On snow days we like to have sausage gravy over biscuits and a fried egg on top

  30. On snowy days I will often fix muffins and serve some kind of fruit, juice and coffee.

  31. That Baked Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole looks and sounds very appetizing! Bet it goes great with fresh brewed coffee.

  32. Debbie Welchert

    On snowy days, we like to have pancakes and sausage or a hot bowl of cream of wheat. I like mine with a cup of coffee and my grandchildren like theirs with milk or juice.

  33. I love cinnamon french toast on snowy mornings

  34. Julie Lundstrom

    It is snowing here this morning. On snowy days we like to make hot oatmeal and some hot coffee.

  35. CathyLee Guzik

    what an amazing web site….so many ideas and the contest is wonderful. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  36. A bowl of oatmeal on a cold day always hits the spot.

  37. Marguerite F

    I depends. Sometimes I make waffles or pancakes if its on a weekend. During the week, its oatmeal with fruit.

  38. Susan Campbell

    We usually do oatmeal…warm and filling.

  39. Elizabeth Geiger

    It’s a snowy indulgence, but we usually have oatmeal cooked in milk and topped with heavy cream, brown sugar and a pat of butter, just as my Irish grandmother used to make it. Yummy and nostalgic.

  40. Tracie Vandermeulen

    We cook yummy pancakes and bacon on snow days!!!!

  41. diane sabatini

    We love oatmeal with some fruit.

  42. Lynnette Lamance

    I like to make omelets

  43. Kimberly Snyder

    I cook country ham and grits, with red-eye gravy

  44. Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast on cold days. No snow where I live, but I can see it on the nearby mountains.

  45. I’m in Alaska. We get some snowy days. I like to make oatmeal in the slow cooker. When we wake up the house smells fantastic and a no fuss hot breakfast is ready.

  46. On a snow day french toast and sausage links.

  47. Kimberly Hillman

    French toast, bacon, coffee and OJ! This is my favorite breakfast but never seem to have time to make it and enjoy!

  48. biscutts and gravey with eggs

  49. Regina Elliott

    I usually make oatmeal and eggs and toast

  50. I love Baked oatmeal

  51. Family breakfast are great but no snow for us. Sausage and Biscuits are one of our favorites.

  52. I usually cook pancakes with bacon and scrambled eggs.

  53. Creamy oatmeal make with milk for the chilly days.

  54. susan smoaks

    i like a nice hot oatmeal on a snow day but living in florida we don’t really have snow days.

  55. Germaine Harrison

    Oatmeal and hot cocoa.

  56. Ellie Wright

    I usually make buttermilk pancakes.

  57. Nicole Martin

    I make french toast.

  58. Belgian waffles and coffee

  59. Cream of Wheat with brown sugar!

  60. I usually cook omelets on snow days! I love adding veggies to my omelets.

  61. Debbie Price

    All of the breakfast recipes look yummy and with coffee, you can’t lose!

  62. We live in the south so no snow but our cold morning breakfast is turkey bacon!!

  63. I usually do an overnight breakfast casserole in the crockpot

  64. Charlotte B

    Hot oatmeal with peanut butter and cooked fruit together with a large mug of cafe au lait.

  65. I like a big country breakfast on snowy days with eggs, bacon, and toast.

  66. oatmeal for winter breakfasts.

  67. I usually cook oatmeal

  68. We usually make oatmeal and/or malt o meal for winter breakfasts.

  69. My winter time breakfast is a spicy pepper skillet to get my sinuses going from that all cold weather!

  70. I like to make bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes!

  71. Michelle Washburn

    Pancakes or waffles and sausage

  72. Lisa Steele

    Nothing better on a snow day then a pot of peppermint coffee, and a big batch of chocolate chip pancakes!!❄️☃️⛄️

  73. carol clark

    eggs sausage biscuits bacon malt o meal and we eat all day on it no joke

  74. I live in South Louisiana – we never get snow (and if we do, nobody’s making breakfast because we’re staring at it through the window). But we do make gumbo for lunch!

  75. Lauralee Hensley

    I usually cook Waffles and blueberry syrup, bacon strips, coffee for the adults and hot chocolate for the kids. #HBHolidays

  76. Auntiepatch

    Oatmeal, sausage, & eggs, and fresh fruit.

  77. Wendy Jensen

    On snow days we have a hearty breakfast. Eggs, toast and bacon or waffles or pancakes.

  78. Nichole Smith

    Biscuits and sausage gravy, french toast and fruit

  79. It hasn’t snowed here in northwest Florida since 1989, but if it does, we will have pancakes and bacon.

  80. joel timmons

    Biscuits. Sausage. Gravy.

  81. Audrey Stewart

    We make waffles. From scratch. We also make hot cocoa.

  82. Nancy Connolly

    Oatmeal pancakes, yummy

  83. Cindy Bills

    I cook chocolate gravy, and biscuits.

  84. Definitely a big bowl of warm oatmeal topped with fresh fruit, a hint of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon!

  85. laura stout

    waffles and eggs

  86. I love hot porridge or hot oats! Also, freshly-made buns or loafs or cupcakes makes cold days cozy!

  87. Dawn DeVinney

    Egg in a basket (Toad in a hole) when I lived in OH. My kids’ favorite that usually took too much time to be a normal breakfast item.

  88. Debbie Smith

    Scrambled eggs and toast

  89. I will usually make pancakes

  90. Scrambled eggs with cheese served between buttermilk biscuits. Yummo!!!

  91. I cook pancakes..

  92. Susan Jordan

    I cook a specialty omelet and sausage and gravy for homemade biscuits!

  93. Stacie Humphrey

    I have an amazing breakfast casserole that I do.

  94. We’re a retired couple who are raising our 10 year old granddaughter in northern Arkansas. My husband’s breakfast specialty on chilly mornings is a Loaded Breakfast Skillet. This is a layered dish that consists of hash brown potatoes on the bottom, 2 pork sausage patties on top of the hash browns, then a mixture of sauteed chopped onion, green pepper and sliced fresh mushrooms, then 2 or 3 sunny side up eggs, then shredded cheddar, colby & Monterey Jack cheeses over the top of all. He serves that with a delicious home brewed chocolate Frappuchino with a large dollop of whipped cream on top and shaved chocolate. A breakfast this delicious definitely makes waking up worth while! Even our fuss bug granddaughter pigs out on this delicious breakfast!

  95. Steven Epstein

    OATMEAL or sausage and eggs

  96. Debbie Chenoweth

    Well living here in southwest Florida we don’t get snow days. But if we did I would love the whole nine yards, eggs, sausage, biscuits with a good ole fashion sausage gravy.

  97. Alexandra Robertson

    I love a good bowl of hot steel cut oats with a little cream, maple syrup and lotttts of cinnamon.

  98. We cook bacon and eggs and pancakes with hot chocolate and coffee on snow days.

  99. Natalie Lyons

    We love to Make French toast and Bacon. Hot chocolate and coffee.

  100. Not too many snow days here in FL, but when I lived in NY I loved oatmeal with maple sugar and cinnamon for breakfast on snow days!

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