Ironing 101

While ironing may seem simple, there is definitely a method for getting smooth results. Use these graphics as go-to instructions the next time you need to press a pair of pants or your favorite shirt. The step-by-step guidelines will surely make the ironing process a little more efficient.

The Art of Ironing a Shirt 

The Art of Ironing of Shirt

The Art of Pressing Pants 

The Art of Pressing Pants

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  1. Diane Aquilino

    My goodness. trying to ask a question about my iron is a nightmare. I was on hold on the phone for half an hour and every time I went into contact us, I got look at the FAQs…ITS NOT THERE! geeeezzz.. help. I was in the middle of ironing pants and the iron beeped twice. why? it happened several times. my model # 19804. its non stick, it is a very nice iron. I just bought it last week. only had the beeping yesterday, and I iron almost every day

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