Win a SodaStation Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker

The @HamiltonBeach SodaStation lets you get carbonated water or soda on the go - I love this hand-held version! Win one at, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

The new Hamilton Beach SodaStation™ Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker is the best way to make fresh soda and sparkling drinks. You can make an endless variety of carbonated beverages at home and then slip the compact soda maker into any drawer. You don’t need electricity and you don’t need to waste valuable counter space. Keep it in the kitchen, bar, camper, desk drawer or anywhere you want to enjoy soft drinks or sparkling water.

Will you make sparkling water and infuse it with lemons, limes or berries? How about cola, Italian soda or root beer floats? You can even make your own club soda and tonic water. Let us know what kind of carbonated drinks you’d make with the SodaStation™ below, and you could win one of your own.

The @HamiltonBeach SodaStation lets you get carbonated water or soda on the go - I love this hand-held version! Win one at, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

  • Simply twist, carbonate & enjoy

  • Make your favorite soda right at home – simply add your favorite flavor

  • Earth friendly and economical – fewer empties to recycle or throw away

  • No electricity needed

  • Compact, easy to store

  • Includes 10 recyclable 8 gram CO2 cartridges & 1 quick-connect, one liter BPA-free bottle

  • Adjustable fizz control

  • Plain water in, sparkling water out

  • Simple to use:

    1. Insert CO2 cartridge

    2. Connect bottle with a simple twist

    3. Twist knob to carbonate

    4. Enjoy sparkling water or add flavor

The @HamiltonBeach SodaStation lets you get carbonated water or soda on the go - I love this hand-held version! Win one at, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

Five lucky winners will receive their very own SodaStation™ Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker. Winners will be announced on April 30th. Enter below and share to increase your chances of winning.

The @HamiltonBeach SodaStation lets you get carbonated water or soda on the go - I love this hand-held version! Win one at, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

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  1. Anthony wright

    Peach mango lime splash

  2. sparkling soda without the added expense buying soda liter making waste of bottles and costs. Better economy wise. Awesome!

  3. edward jensen

    really could use this could save some money using this

  4. edward jensen

    like salt free sparkling water

    like sugar free soda

  5. Peach with Lemon!

  6. Kimberly K.

    I love Cream Soda.

  7. I love all sparkling cidesr.

  8. It is a watermelon drink with seltzer

  9. H.E. DeLuna

    I like Sparkling Cider.

  10. Jessica Coker

    Sparkling Peach flavored Water

  11. christina staley

    love soda stream

  12. This is such a great product that would be great in our home for every day use and entertaining.

  13. sparkling water with a bit of cranberry juice

  14. would love this! so amazing!

  15. This is awesome!

  16. I’ve been wanting to get something like this for my parents

  17. yolanda blair

    would love this

  18. Rhonda Tatum

    Really like this!

  19. Yvette mason

    Looks great!

  20. Its so cute!

  21. Grape , haven’t had in awhile .

  22. arthur rosenkampff, Jr.


  23. Elizabeth Sewall

    Would love to try this!!!

  24. this looks like something you could really use with ease. a Nice fruity flavor

  25. Heather McKenzie Carter

    Raspberry water!

  26. I would love to win one of these.

  27. I adore anything with fresh squeezed lime and fizz water with a dash of honey

  28. janet stich

    anything fruit cherry

  29. I like anything that’s light and taste refreshing

  30. I love anything fruity like fruit punch drinks.

  31. Awesome invention!

  32. Heather Crouch

    this would be awesome! I didn’t know there was a handheld brand/version out there!

  33. Rachel Mackie

    We love soda stream – cranberry by ocean spray is my favorite

    • Heather Lemont

      I would love to win this! I have always wanted to try one! It would really cut down on costs from buying all the sodas from the store! Please!

  34. I love sparkling drinks! Have been purchasing La Croix, but would love to try making my own.

  35. Everal Carter

    I would love one of these!! It would be much better than buying soda!

  36. I love sparkling cider.

  37. Awesomesauce

  38. Meredith Tinsley

    looks cool

  39. Patricia Jone.

    This looks so neat and fun. Hope to win one. :)

  40. Ashley Dionne


  41. Catherine Robb-Husen


  42. tania harvey

    Id love this!

  43. This would be great to use on our sailboat! I hope I win one!

  44. Linda Peavy

    I love a sparkling lemonade but my favorite is a diet cola

  45. sparkling water, lemonade would try several

  46. I like plain old seltzer

  47. I love good old plain sparling water but my kids love root beer I like that you can add your own natural flavorings :)

  48. I would like to win one of these, seen them, but don’t have one, and I would really use it to save on buying Sodas.

  49. May Rodgers

    I would love to win this. We drink a lot of pop at our church group functions and this would afford us the opportunity to make many different flavors..

  50. Wendy Brophy

    I have never tried any of the drinks, would be something new for me. Would like to know about this product. I am a diabetic so the drinks would have to be sugar free.

  51. Sparkling Lemon Water!! Yum

  52. would love to have this..great to bring to work


  54. Definitely looks like a much better idea than the other brand takes up room on the counter!

  55. Kelly Greenwood

    I love sparkling water in cherry flavor or lemon, really refreshing.

  56. Denise Bigley

    I love sparkling lemon water

  57. Awesome for homemade fun!

  58. Pennie Wood

    Would love to win as I have not had the chance to try one yet.

  59. These are so awesome I’d love to have one

  60. Julie Smith

    My favorite sparkling drink is always something with a bit of a twist – Dr. Pepper for dark sodas, black cherry for sparkling water – has to have a taste that’s a bit different than most!

  61. Rita Middleton

    Would love one of these…

  62. Barbara Fulyon

    This would be a great item to travel with. I would love to own this

  63. Amanda Pettit


  64. My favorite is Grape Flavored Seltzer.

  65. rootbeer

  66. My favorite is Ginger Ale.

  67. I would love to have this and make sparkling lemon water!!

  68. Sarah Mendoza

    Hope I win

  69. Julia Goldberg

    I love lemon lime

  70. Sandy Arens

    We have Soda Stream, but I would love to try this! This would be great to take with on a trip!

  71. Sparkling lemon and Lime aid would really help to cool our summers down. Especially when it’s a 105 degrees.

  72. cheryla lister

    Sparkling lemonade is one of my favorites.

  73. Lorna Patrick

    Ginger Ale !!

  74. These things are so cool, been wanting to get one forever

  75. gingerale

  76. I’ve never tried sodastream

  77. April Villanueva

    Ive wanted one since I saw the commercial. What a better way to get one than free?

  78. brittany williams

    yay thank you so much i would LOVE to win!!! :)

  79. Jennifer Hedden

    lemon lime soda

  80. peggy fedison

    Ive never tried soda stream. dont know the flavors. would love to try it tho :) ty for opportunity

  81. Dietra Fuller

    Our family could really use this, we drink a lot of soda!

  82. This looks like something I need desperately !!

  83. Alex Montana

    My favorite i s Mango Tango!
    My favorite is Mango Tango!

  84. Oh, This thing looks like something I need desperately!!

  85. I like Perrier, however that would change if I won this!

  86. Karen Baca-Moya

    I love soda.

  87. I’ve always wanted to try this.

  88. I like sparkling strawberry water.

  89. Catherine McKeever

    What a neat machine, I love sparkling water and making your own sparkling fruit drinks is better than soda. I would love this!

  90. I would love to win this!!!

  91. I love sparkling green tea!

  92. shirley stefanski

    I love anything with cherry flavor in it!

  93. sparkling water!!

  94. Wow, did not know something like this existed. This would be awesome to win and try!! i have boys that love soda and juices.

  95. Laila Salem

    i love sparkling lemonade.

  96. Anything with cranberry juice and pomegranate

  97. Roxanne Humphrey


  98. I love sparkling cranberry juice sometimes with no sugar ice tea.

  99. Would be nice to try!!!

  100. mark petrozella

    Lways wanted one! Imagine the $ avings!

  101. Alissa Small

    My favorite sparkling drink lemon lime

  102. Margaret Brumley

    I could save tons of money with one of these!

  103. Shanna Early

    Would love to win thins!!!

  104. This is so cool!

  105. Love sparkling water!! It would be great to make it at home!

  106. Mickie lewis

    Would love to win

  107. (O..O)

  108. peach soda

  109. Love it!!

  110. Rebecca Dutiel

    My boyfriend would love one of these I wish I could make them happy

  111. Thanks!

  112. I need this!!!

  113. Tamika Mims

    Anything Strawberry or Lemonade

  114. I love sparkling blue raspberry lemonade.

  115. Brian villalta

    Id love to win this! It is kindof like a SodaStream.

  116. looks delish and can use natural flavoringd

  117. Crystal Gross

    Strawberry would be yummy to try.

  118. Michelle Murphy

    Just about any fruition it and cucumbers omg so good

  119. Awesome

  120. deborah moreno

    I want one so bad. Please let me lucky for once

  121. I love sparkling Blueberry-Acai Juice. I’d love to win this and use it daily to make lots of different sodas, including making sparkling Blueberry-Acai juice, Iced tea, Lemonade, Coconut Water, Tang, etc.. ;)

  122. Max Bernhard

    Good luck friends

  123. Would love this!

  124. trish robbins


  125. I’d love to win this!!

  126. Oh wow how convenient is this! I’d love to win one of these, good luck to all.

  127. connie roberts

    this would be such a savings rather then buying pop all the time.

  128. Rosenna Brown

    I would love to win this.

  129. Cherry LimeAide and Pink Lemonade are my favs :)

  130. Would lov to try this for the first time. Anything is good!

  131. I would love to win one of these soda makers! I have heard so many great things about them :)

  132. Terry Garrett Ross

    Would Love To Win

  133. This would be an awesome money saver and better for my family’s heath!

  134. Looks great!

  135. Cherry Pomegranite

  136. nallely segura

    i love coke!!

  137. Jamie Holden

    I would make sparkling water infused with lemons or grapefruit!

  138. Angela Kelley

    Sounds Awesome!! I would love to try!

  139. Ive never tried any

  140. Would love to win

  141. Cathleen S

    Cherry Pomegranate

  142. Emily Smith

    I would love to have one of these

  143. Elise Miller

    I would LOVE to enjoy one of these.

  144. Courtney Moore


  145. I love a sparkling lemonade that has been flavored with some cherry juice.

  146. Michelle Harasewicz

    My favorite sparkling drink is pink lemonade, I like the added twist of carbonation to it.

  147. Courtney Moore

    Let me win!!

  148. Aisha winbush

    Cherry limeade is my favorite sparkling drink. Throw an extra cherry in there, yummy!

  149. Cool

  150. liz hoskins

    this is a great prize

  151. daniel weeber

    wowsers, very nice

  152. wonderful article

  153. Melissa Meredith

    I would love italian cream soda

  154. shamila ismail

    I want this sooooooo bad!!!!

  155. This looks great! I’m having a hard time cutting soda out of my life. This would definitely help.

  156. Tiffany Wilkins

    My fav sparkling lemon flavored water. Very refreshing

  157. this would be great to have

  158. looks like fun

  159. Very cool

  160. Tammy Ward

    Grape fruit juice cocktail and vanilla diet cokes are my favorites

  161. This would be awesome!

  162. Would love to win this

  163. Peach Carbonated Water

  164. Bobby Hughes


  165. Margaret A Williams

    I would so love one of these! Have wanted one for a while now!

  166. Love any berry flavored water!! so refreshing :)

  167. Miranda Wheeler

    I would love one of these!

  168. I have never had a (non-alcoholic) sparkling drink :) I would love to try this, thanks for the chance to win!

  169. judith youngblood

    reen tea and various fruits would slake my thirst, big time!

  170. Kimberly L


  171. This would be great to win, what fun experimenting with it.

  172. Tabathia B


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  174. One of my faves is cream soda.

  175. Sherry Fowler

    I love grape sodas!

  176. love lime soda

  177. Nina Fleming

    I love Diet Coke – this would be greta!

  178. I’ve always liked dr pepper.

  179. Megan Swinney

    I would love to make my own refreshing fizzy water–trying to get off sodas.. I drink to much Bad things :(

  180. jhing karanas


  181. Kristin McCall

    i dont have a favorite but if i win im sure i can create one

  182. Sherron Davis

    I would love one of these

  183. I would love to make my own refreshing fizzy water–trying to get off sodas–thanks!!

  184. Jessica Edwards

    Dr. Pepper

  185. Cindy Semrau

    Imagine all the flavors I could make! Cherry Cola; Rootbeer… oh, the possibilities!

  186. Would love one!! Thank you for the chance!

  187. I founda sangria soda I love!

  188. I have always wanted to try one of these!

  189. Dorothy McAnally

    Would be Great to make my own Soda, Cream Soda my fav.

  190. I would love one of these! I have given up soda that is loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners, but I miss the bubbly carbonation!

  191. joanna hickman

    I would like to have one

  192. Linda Garcia

    Love cherry flavor.. Would love to have one..

  193. Linda Garcia

    Love cherry flavor. Would love to have one.

  194. Margaret Gabriele

    Would love to have one of these!

  195. Would love to try this! Have been to commit shy to invest in a full-size soda stream!!

  196. My favorite sparkling drink is birch beer.

  197. joan richards

    would love to have one to make my own soda since I drink so much of it it would save me money

  198. Maria Torres

    I want to win

  199. Jennifer Bergstrom

    I would LOVE to win one of these. It would be fun to make our own sodas and sparkling waters and juices. :)

  200. brian calhoun


  201. janice amorosi

    i would love one. it would make a perfect birthday gift for me

  202. would love to win this for home and traveling

  203. Caye Blanchard

    I love soda but keep away from it. I’d love to make my own!

  204. I would make flavored water and diet soda.

  205. My favorite carbonated beverage is ginger ale!

  206. I love two drop of YL lemon or grapefruit essential oil in sparkling water :) Yummy and healthy!

  207. Strawberry lemonade!

  208. lemon lime diet


    cherry and lemon

  210. I think lemon would be my favorite.

  211. angela dupree

    I love any soda stream flavors

  212. Jill Kerns

    What a blessing this would be with 3 teens! <3

  213. Lemonade! I hate flat lemonade, its gotta be fizzy.

  214. Margaret Murry

    What a neat idea – I’d love to try a variety of fruits

  215. I love lemon and lime flavored drinks!

  216. Wow looks so easy & fun to make. Good luck

  217. I have no favorite- I love any fruity kind!

  218. OH I’d LOVE to win one of these! It’s just me and I’d love to make my favorites a glass at a time!

  219. Steven Cluverius

    Champagne, but orange will suffice!

  220. i would really love to try this

  221. delfina pelayo

    I love lemon water

  222. I love lemon water, with some honey

  223. Iris Gonzalez

    Tropical fruit

  224. DeborahSimmons

    Love to have for family gatherings ! Would be a conversation piece at parties !

  225. Shirley Franklin

    lemon and cherry

  226. DeborahSimmons

    Love to have for family gatherings !

  227. Ever since this came out it brought back memories of my Mom’s seltzer maker when I was little, so would love to own.

  228. Tammy Schweitzer

    I would ahve too say lemon & lime for me thanks

  229. I would really like to win this ….would save a lot on the amount of sodas I buy .

  230. Heather Scherer

    I agree with the majority of comments im seeing Root beer rocks :D

  231. I love root beer!

  232. water with a touch of orange oil – yum!

  233. Kim Dowling

    This would come in ‘handy’.

  234. Melissa Teears

    I love diet Pepsi. I would love to try to make my own soda.

  235. Jennifer Karnes Kinney

    Would love to try this! I think this is a fantastic idea!

  236. nadine brinkworth

    awesomeness for portability – would really help my weight loss efforts

  237. Regular cola

  238. would love to win one of these

  239. Laura Sonsalla

    I love Ginger Ale.

  240. best soda ever and oh sooo much healthier

  241. Love making my own soda, root beer all time fave

  242. Nicole Powell

    I like colas, root beers and oranges, the kids would to as well as carbonated flavored waters.


    Root Beer

  244. beth kelsay-embrey

    ROOTBEER is my all-time favorite!!

  245. I Love the lemonade and the tea in my soda stream but i love this and it would be great to win ..Good Luck to all ..

  246. Ruth Naylor

    Sometimes a Coke is just so good! I would be interested in peach, lemon and lime is divine!

  247. Laurie Brumm

    YUM! Strawberry! :)

  248. Would love to try watermellon flavor…..This machine looks so easy to use..and would take up so little space..would love to try. thank you

  249. would love to win one of them!!

  250. jessica stewart


  251. marilyn stewart


  252. strawberry watermelon!

  253. This would be fun to win. I love peach sparkling water.

  254. Nancy Reid

    My sparkling drink is cola! Just call me an addict!

  255. jennifer aikens

    I love soda. My fav sparkling drink would be a rootbeer float.

  256. Randy Salyers

    would be much appreciated!

  257. I just recently stopped drinking soda so would love this to be able to make flavored sparling waters. Thank you for the chance to win.

  258. Scott Shackelford

    Could this be used to carbonate a hard cider?

  259. Kristie D.

    I like Peach Nectarine Sparkling Water! Yum! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  260. Laura Pekera

    I would love one of theses!

  261. Linda Nguyen

    I enjoy Sparkling Ice in strawberry watermelon!

  262. cant wait to win this baby I can take it to work and share it with everyone there what a win thank you fackbook and soda streamer

  263. Aidelina Garcia


  264. I would like to try one.

  265. I can’t wait to start saving money,would love to win a hand held soda stream,thanks for the chance

  266. Megan Fuller

    I love sparkling water and a splash of cranberry juice!

  267. julie trani

    this looks so amazing. can’t wait to try it!!!!!

  268. I love plain old club soda with a little lime

  269. I’d love a sparkling lemonade

  270. Cheryl Willingham

    I love these things. So much cheaper and easier than that sugar stuff.

  271. Honestly, sparkling water is my favorite. I do love bloor orange as well, though

  272. Diana Krupiczewicz

    I would definitely make tonic water with lime and/or lemon! A nice drink after a long day! YUM!

  273. Debbie Gallant

    What a fabulous idea

  274. Would love to have sparkling water anytime I needed it

  275. Starr Harrison

    This would be awesome! I love making Sparkling Lemonade

  276. Would love to have one of these to save money!

  277. I love a refreshing raspberry sparkling water!

  278. Julie Jensen

    I love Dr. Pepper and I love sparkling lemonade!! YUM!

  279. This would be so great! Adding my own unique flavors including fruits would be stellar!

  280. Gina Ochsenschlager

    My favorite is grapefruit infused sparkling water, although I enjoy lemon and other fruits as well. I like that I can control the amount and type of sweetener I add.

  281. Judie Abernathy

    Great idea for summer visits from grandkids!

  282. YES PLEASE!!! How great would this be for the summer!

  283. Kaye Edwards

    I’d love to win this!

  284. Been wanting one of these for the grandkids

  285. I would love to win this

  286. Elaine Haney

    Been thinking of buying one of these. Love 7UP

  287. Sabrina Foster

    Love the root beer and dr. pete.

  288. misty rummell

    i love strawberry water

  289. I would love to have this!

  290. Would love to win this for my family…always wanted one..

  291. I have always wanted to try out one of home soda makers! I think I would make Dr. Pepper in mine since that is my favorite soda.

  292. My favorite drink is diet soda.

  293. I haven’t gotten to try soda stream yet, but I’d love to win one and try it out with my friends! I love reviewing products I believe in :D

  294. Tammy Kelderman

    I would love to have this for my kids.

  295. Pam Jackson

    Sparking water infused with lemon

  296. Trying my best to win this

  297. Great for picnics

  298. i would love to have one

  299. My little grandson wanted to buy one with his birthday money

  300. Would be great for birthday parties

  301. I sure hope I win this

  302. Making my own drinks would save money

  303. jeannie crawford

    I would really like to win this!

  304. Would really like the sparkling water

  305. My grandchildren would love the sodas

  306. Fruit flovored fizzy water would be so good

  307. Diane Vescio

    something flavored with CHERRY

  308. Donna Milligan

    I would so love to win this as I have never had one. :-)

  309. Fresca! Or something similar light and fresh.

  310. would be so nice to have since I can’t get to store with out help

  311. I would love one of these .

  312. Lisa Stormes

    Like to make fruit soda

  313. Pineapple

  314. Lisa Stormes

    I love Coke

  315. Ashley Garrett

    I would love one of these! I don’t like soda beacuse of the soda and adives, but with one of these I dont have to worry about that!

  316. Pepsi

  317. Amber Milsap

    My favorite speaking drink is sparkling wine.

  318. Deidre Shrader

    A Soda Station will help my Fam,ily so much and Save us money . Winning this would be greatly appreciated .

  319. Kathy Sommers

    Oh, what a great idea!!! I’d love one of these. I’d like to win one, but I want to buy one, if not… :)

  320. A fruit flavored sparkling one would be great!

  321. Sandra Sue Blanton

    Ginger Pineapple Sparkling Punch

  322. Samantha Wilson

    Rootbeer is my favorite soda :) I love the kick!

  323. I love lemon lime and cherry coke!

  324. Sparkling lemon infused water sounds delightful!

  325. Summer Dawn Browning-Finley

    I would make root beer floats

  326. Cherry Cola would be my favorite fizzy drink. This would be so perfect for me since I’m a one person household. Than ks so much for the chance.

  327. i like fruity sparkling

  328. Anything sparkling is wonderful!


  330. Lorrie Iqbal

    I like easy to do.

  331. Leisa Wooten

    I like fruity sparkling drinks!

  332. Dana Martin

    I like root beer and iced teas


  334. lemon lime

  335. I like diet coke flavor.

  336. I like to add the Cranberry to my iced tea! Nice summer drink.

  337. maryand jay

    I love all kinds of sparkly drinks!

  338. I like seltzer plain.

  339. edward jensen

    salt froo sparklin g water

  340. Anything fruity is delicious and refreshing.

  341. I bought one for my grandson. <3

  342. Katherine Savord

    I would love to win this soda maker

  343. Debra Blair

    My son points them out to me everytime we go into a store. He would love one. I’m on the fence :)

  344. Love soda station

  345. Christina Kelbel

    I love Cranberry sparklers with lime!

  346. Jennie Wewer

    This would be awesome. I have been wanting a soda stream, but I have roommates and was worried it would take up to much room. This will be awesome!

  347. I love any type of citrus. so a sparkling lemonaide or lime would be great.

  348. I love sparkling lemonade!!

  349. I just adore sparkling cranberry juice! :D

  350. Karen Pikkaraine


  351. I don’t buy soda but would love to make my own.

  352. Alethea Osborne


  353. Laura Finlay Adkins

    Coke zero

  354. Nancy Stafford

    Would be used a lot my husband and i make these all the time.

  355. brittney blow

    I love a nice bubbly lemonaid. So refreshing!

  356. Love Sparkling Strawberry Water!!

  357. Melissa Spiegle

    I would love this – make all kinds of drinks

  358. I’ve not tried any of these yet, but am curious.

  359. betty crawford

    ginger ale

  360. Roberta Marshall

    Cream soda

  361. I would love to add some fizz to my OJ!

  362. Elizabeth Bourn

    My favorite sparkling drink….sparkling grapefruit juice with frozen raspberries :) Yumm!!

  363. Debra Hinson

    my fav is a diet cola with lemon yummy

  364. I love to make sparkling water with lime and kiwi

  365. I want to win this bad I drink 12 pack of Soda a day

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  367. This is just too cool:) I would love to win this and save money making my husband’s daily soda fix!

  368. Carol Farrish

    I love to make diet coke lime at home. Better than carting the bottles.

  369. anything! I love bubbles in my drinks!

  370. cool!

  371. Samona Black

    Looks awesome!

  372. Chanda Neak

    I addicted to cola soda.


    stawberry kiwi

  374. I’d love to win

  375. Brandi Suttner


  376. Megan James

    I’ve never had any, if love a Soda Stream!!! Orange Soda sounds like childhood again =)

  377. This looks amazing. I hope I win.

  378. richard parker


  379. I would love this!!

  380. Nicole Whitt

    Cherry soda!

  381. I love this

  382. I love anything with cherry in it!

  383. allyson tice

    I lvoe Sparkling Raspberry Green Tea!

  384. I love the portability of this and the fact that you can control the carbonation!

  385. Sparkling green tea

  386. Para Stevens


  387. This looks like a lot of fun, and I love the size and convenience of it. Sparkling water and fruit juice is one a favorite in my home.

  388. lorri langmaid

    Sparkling Lemonade is so new and refreshing!!

  389. teresa scarborough


  390. Darlene Taylor

    orange soda

  391. Nicole Worrall

    Sparkling strawberry lemonade

  392. Sparkling Kool aid (cherry) Yum!

  393. Kirk Brewer

    i love ginger ale!

  394. I would love to make strawberry lemonade.

  395. Sherry Derr

    I enjoy diet pepsi

  396. My favorite drink would be cranberry-lemon.

  397. It’s nice that it is so compact and can be placed in a drawer when it is not in use.

  398. Pat Pascal

    Very interested in this as I have the soda stream.

  399. Linda Bragg

    Sparkling lemonade is my favorite.

  400. Love grapefruit soda!

  401. I haven’t tried this but I have heard good things!

  402. I love sparkling water with a twist of either lemon or lime

  403. annie fajardo

    sparkling fruit punch of lemonade

  404. fave is sparkling water with lemon

  405. How awesome is this??? Am thinking all sorts of fruits for this summer…

  406. I like anything that does not have diet or sucralose added to it. All natural or at least with cane sugar.

  407. Kael harvey

    Cranberry lemon

  408. Definitely would make sparkling water with all sorts of fruits!

  409. sherry barnes


  410. sherry barnes

    I always wished to win a soda stream

  411. Coca Cola

  412. Charlene Segrest

    Definitely PEPSI

  413. cherry lime

  414. ginger ale

  415. Kelsea Eaton

    Regular Cola!

  416. Charles Pellin

    Love root beer

  417. julie hutchinson

    nice prize

  418. My favorite is Diet Pepsi.

  419. Carol Moore

    Strawberry sparkling water is my favorite!!

  420. Natasha Pollard

    Strawberry Kiwi :)

  421. Bee Pierce

    Love sodas

  422. Ooh, I have heard about these so much this year, but never gotten to try. Would be fantastic!!!

  423. Shell Foster

    raspberry is a great sparkling drink flavor

  424. Lisa Kubin

    My favorite carbonated drink is still 7up with marachino cherry juice

  425. Tracey Forrest

    Strawberry.Thank you so much for the chance:)

  426. angel waddle

    My fav is Pepsi or Mountain Dew

  427. Lisa Breece


  428. Marsha Stanek

    I drink a lot of carbonated water, so would love this.

  429. Seems much more convenientthan the entire stations

  430. Linda Bradshaw

    I would sparkling water with lemon and strawberries

  431. edward jensen

    kemonlime spritzer

  432. Paula Morgan

    I am a Diet Cola drinker, but I do mix in Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Orange, along with Diet Root Beer.

  433. Stephanie Easterling

    Mountain Dew is our favorite Drink.

  434. Melanie Caton

    I’ve wanted one of these for so long!

  435. lisa lawrence

    wow this thing is so convienent for people who dont like certain flavors of pop expecially with splenda and or stevia

  436. nice prize

  437. I really like the pineapple grapefruit, but it’s hard to find :[

  438. sparkling tonic

  439. lesa barone

    I would love to try this soda. I’m a ginger ale fiend and this would be great to win. thanks for giveaway

  440. Pamela Stevenson

    I love Rhubarb Spritzers.

  441. Christina Naugle

    would love one never tried it

  442. love sodastreams used to have one when i was younger and then lost it!

  443. Classic Coke

  444. Teressa Kloss

    Cola is my favorite drink


    Would love to try this out.

  446. love italian sodas

  447. Jamie Williams

    This is amazing, I actually thought someone was trying to scam me. Brilliant indeed!!

  448. Barb Carlson

    Love Blackberry

  449. Phillip Cardwell

    Doesn’t take up counter space! Count me in!!

  450. Devi Brookins

    I would love to try this out. Reminds me of fountain sodas back in the day.

  451. edward jensen

    sparkling water without added salt

  452. I love root beer.

  453. Colleen Boudreau

    I like Dr. Pepper.

  454. Hmmm….my favorite would just have to be cola!

  455. Lemon-Lime is my favorite

  456. Would love to try!

  457. DavidKline

    cucumber soda, to which I will promptly add gin!

  458. edward jensen

    like cherry flavor

  459. Martha L Wheeler

    My grandchildren would love this and I would save a ton of money, win win!!!

  460. My favorite sparkling drink is Cherry Mountain Dew

  461. Tina Lipske

    I think I would enjoy a rootbeer from the soda machine.



  463. I would make my own cola drink

  464. Cassndra Coleman

    I love anything lemon flavored

  465. Florence Mims

    I like seltzer with orance juice.

  466. Sparkling watermelon juice. :)

  467. nathalie M Tourino

    Lemonade mmmmm taking it to the Florida beaches next month

  468. julie moore

    I really like blueberry

  469. i’d love to win this soda maker..i haven’t tried it yet..any flavoe would be good i bet, as long as it’s diet.

  470. I’ll start with raspberries, blackberries & lime – then I’ll just keep going with all other kinds of combos after that!

  471. Red berry water

  472. Linda Kish


  473. I like regular cola.

  474. Cheryl Ross

    Flavored sparkling waters!

  475. cranberry and lime

  476. Belkys Elkin

    I love effervescent drinks and this would be perfect

  477. I like Ginger Ale.

  478. My God Be With You Always

  479. Laura Hoenshell

    Cherry Coke

  480. Denise Boeger

    My fav soda is strawberry!

  481. Regina Oates

    Have never tried a soda maker but I think cranberry would be good.

  482. Robin Abrams

    My favorite is Rootbeer

  483. Nicole Foley

    I love to mix sparkling grape juice with sprite!!

  484. Michael Walmsley

    free stuff rules

  485. mark soltis

    I’m a pepsi addict!

  486. Linda romer

    Seltzer with a splash of cranberry

  487. Erin Carty

    Red Bull!!!

  488. theresa formica

    I would like to try sparkling water with orange juice

  489. Colleen Schilinski

    I love anything Grape.

  490. Kristen Roush

    Root Beer

  491. a healthy and fun way to have beverages

  492. My favorite sparkling drink is Sangria – wonder if I could make that with this. :/

  493. gail kirkwood

    Love to win this, yummy

  494. Mary Sargent

    I would like to make sparkling lemon soda.

  495. Alette Hatfield

    I like Dr. Peppe

  496. LOVE a bourbon fizz with carbonation. Nobody said it couldn’t have an extra kick, right?!

  497. With one of these, I could make this skinny recipe: squeeze fresh lime/lemon/orange juice into water and carbonate.

  498. dale bartlett


  499. edward jensen

    like sparkling water

  500. Dr pepper would be my facorite, my grandkids would love this!

  501. So cool! I love sparking water!

  502. I would love to have something made with strawberries .

  503. Shelby Scott

    Sparkling Lemon/Strawberry….yummy

  504. Susan Marks

    Want one so bad

  505. i would make strawberry juice for my margaritas!

  506. I’d love to make my own natural ginger orange sodas with this!

  507. Would love this and it would get my son and I to drink much more!!

  508. Lauren Watson

    I like anything strawberry flavored

  509. I want this!!

  510. I love Cherry and lemon

  511. Elizabeth Geiger

    Anything peach or orange flavored

  512. Judy Geiger

    My favorite sparkling drink is cherry.

  513. Pauline Jones

    I love sparkling orange Kool-Aid.

  514. My favorite sparkling drink is cherry, orange, and lemon!! So delicious…..

  515. I would love to make a drink like 7-up with this!

  516. Darla Kelly

    I can’t keep enough soda in my house!! My 2 teenagers and their friends drink it and so does my husband! This would be so awesome in my house!!

  517. sheila ressel

    My favorite sparkling drink is 7up.

  518. Darlene Comeaux

    Sparkling water with lemon

  519. Anything fruity sounds good to me.



  521. Susan States

    Great way to reduce plastic and enjoy soda,too.

  522. Lolita Bouyer

    never tried this product, but I would love to try root beer or a strawberry lemonade

  523. Kathleen Gereg

    So many flavors to try!

  524. peach drink is so good

  525. Dianne Hahn

    I am addicted to colas and would like to reduce my grocery bill by making my own colas.

  526. Orange-flavored seltzer water

  527. lemon, pomegranate, grapefruit… hummm!

  528. sheri anderson

    I like sparkling cherry juice!

  529. Shelly Clayton

    lemon lime

  530. Imagine A Sparkling Lime Twist Drink With This Sounds Amazing!

  531. LaShawna Stewart

    I tried the Peach Iced Tea Fizz and it was delicious!

  532. I would love to make my own sparkling drinks!

  533. Root Beer

  534. i love sparkling grape juice

  535. sparkling water with brandy

  536. Michele Gehman

    Cool! Never saw or heard of this product before. Better than the bulkier counter top machines.

  537. I love lemon juice in my soda water.

  538. lemon lime

  539. Paula Hoffman

    I love sparkling lemonade.

  540. Lemon Lime!

  541. kathy music

    would love to have this, water with fruits for me

  542. I like that it is convenient.

  543. ron bartlett sr.

    lemon li,e

  544. Sounds great, refreshing and easy for the summertime sipping!

  545. edward jensen

    like carbonated water

  546. I’d love to try this to make a nice sparkling water with some real fruit in it – strawberries and raspberries.

  547. Brandi Bryant

    I would make a strawberry and lemon sparkling drink. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  548. Cherry, Cherry, Cherry…….

  549. Cathy Bradford

    Would love tomake a cherry sparkling drink

  550. I would love to make lime soda!

  551. Shelley Casey

    I would love to win this, thanks for holding this giveaway!

  552. I always wanted one of these. Sparkling lemon water sounds so good right now!

  553. Sparkling water, infused with fruits and/or berries sounds heavenly to me! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  554. Rootbeer would be awesome

  555. Patrica Horton

    I would love to uae this, and i think my first thing to try would be a fresh strawberry drink, with a twist of lemon. I think it would be a wonderful sparkling dish!!

  556. Champagne is my favorite sparkling beverage but I like sparkling water in fruit flavors

  557. Laura Miller

    I love plain water with fresh berries!

  558. I have always wanted to try one of these. Would love to win this!

  559. I like to have plain carbonated water with just a hint of citrus zest.

  560. Dawn Christopher

    dr pepper
    dr pepper

  561. blackberry

  562. Leeanna McNeill

    I would use it mostly for infusion

  563. Teresa Richardson


  564. Garth Becker

    I like Black Chery Soda, would like to try your soda station.



  566. Sonia Beshiri

    Ginger ale

  567. Everyone wants this!

  568. tina quick

    would be fun to try this

  569. My favorite sparkling drink is a diet cola.

  570. My favorite sparkling drink is orange soda pop.

  571. Shelbie Johnston

    I love plain sparkling water!

  572. Root beer sounds good to me.

  573. Jody Novak

    Looks like a great way to make cool drinks

  574. Helen Jones

    My favorite sparkling drink is sparkling lemonade.

  575. I would make seltzer

  576. I like diet coke.

  577. Lime

  578. Kristine Pavlik

    Cola with lime

  579. Nancy Bilzing

    My mother has one, so I thought I’d try.

  580. cranberry and lime

  581. I do not know anyone owning one so it would be fun to be the first to have and share.

  582. Lemon Lime

  583. Maria Urena

    Sparkling water.

  584. I love sparkling flavored water!

  585. Thanks for the chance! I would like to make custom flavors

  586. Cody Anderson

    I love orange soda.

  587. Mila Sayles

    I would love to win one of these to have at home to make a lemon lime flavored soda!

  588. Tiffany Hartwell

    Anything strawberry and fizzy would be great!

  589. Sandie Aliprantis

    My son wants this.

  590. orange

  591. connie Harvey

    would love to have one of these

  592. Cola is my favorite

  593. I’d make root beer and ginger ale to start with and keep going from there!

  594. lissa crane