From the Test Kitchen: Toaster Oven Testing

Toaster oven testing in the @HamiltonBeach test kitchen


Working in the test kitchen is more than just developing tasty recipes. Laurie and I do a lot of testing to help Hamilton Beach understand what works well and what doesn’t in a typical kitchen, and we test everything about the product to ensure it will work for you the way we say it will.

Today, we are testing toaster ovens for a new product we are developing. We hope to use the results of the test to help design and craft a toaster oven that inspires you and delivers on our Good Thinking® approach. We’re evaluating ten different toaster ovens, spanning across multiple price points and representing an array of features. We’re testing for all the basic oven functions and looking at the end result of the food. We try to think ahead and anticipate any obstacle you may run into, so we test everything from browning to evenness of cooking and certainly taste. We are passionate about product performance and we want the best outcome because that is what you’ll ultimately feed your family. We certainly don’t mind ruining a few cookies so you don’t have to!

What are some features you’d like to see in your next toaster oven?

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