Green Apple Kale Smoothie

Green Apple Kale Smoothie from @HamiltonBeach #smoovember

Green smoothies are a great way to start the day so you’ll feel energized and refreshed first thing in the morning. Banana, apple and kale go together naturally to create a fresh smoothie that tastes sweet, tart and delicious. This smoothie would be a great breakfast for the family or you can take it with you as you head out the door. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge and used as an afternoon snack or a recharge before sports practice – just pulse it in the blender a few times before serving.

The green apple smoothie and more are all part of #Smoovember, our tribute to fall-inspired smoothies made in our Smoothie Smart blender. During the month of November #Smoovember, we’ll bring you some tasty fall smoothie recipes and have weekly giveaways with an incredible grand prize in week #4.

 Green Apple Kale Smoothie from @HamiltonBeach #smoovember Green Apple Kale Smoothie from @HamiltonBeach #smoovember

The #Smoovember schedule includes:

Monday 11/4 – a great fall smoothie recipe and #smoovember Week 1 giveaway begins
Friday 11/8 – Our first prize package winner gets a Smoothie Smart blender and Single Serve blender
 11/11 – A new smoothie recipe and #smoovember Week 2 giveaway begins
Friday 11/15 – Our Week 2 prize package winner gets a Smoothie Smart blender and Single Serve blender
Monday 11/18 – Another new smoothie recipe and #smoovember Week 3 giveaway begins
Friday 11/22 – Our Week 3 prize package winner gets a Smoothie Smart blender and Single Serve blender
Monday 11/25 – A new smoothie recipe and #smoovember Week 4 GRAND PRIZE giveaway begins
Friday 11/15 – Our Week 4 GRAND PRIZE package winner gets a holiday kitchen essentials package from Hamilton Beach

Green Apple Kale Smoothie from @HamiltonBeach #smoovember

Green Apple Kale Smoothie
Serves 4
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  1. 1 cup apple juice
  2. 2 bananas, peeled, broken into chunks
  3. 1 Granny Smith apple, cored and cut in eighths
  4. 1 cup kale leaves
  5. 1 cup ice cubes (10 crescent shape)
  1. Place ingredients in blender jar in order listed.
  2. Cover and blend on AUTO SMOOTHIE setting or PULSE a few times, then blend on HIGH for 30 to 45 seconds.
  1. This smoothie has quite a bit of pulp. Blend with the AUTO SMOOTHIE a second time for a smoother drink.
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  1. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and the rest of the
    site is also very good.

  2. bonnie newman

    chocolate raspberry smoothie

  3. a fruit smoothie

  4. My favorite combo is spinach/mango/pinneaple.

  5. I’d love to make breakfast smoothies for my family before they run out the door, breakfast is so very important

  6. I drink a protein smoothie everyday after training its essential to get some protein in to feed those muscles and recover after a long workout having a good blender is so important to have in my household! So YES I would make protein smoothies ALOT Hamilton Beach is a good brand and im sure it will stand the test of time!

  7. I would make smoothies and milk shakes!

  8. I make protrin smoothirs.

  9. I would love to win oone of the blending. I start chop up my fruit

  10. Just getting into smoothies so a new blender would be great. green apple sounds tart and good

  11. g andolina Andolina

    I’d make tropical smoothies to chase away my winter blues

  12. I would use it to make smoothies

  13. Smoothies and frozen cocktails.

  14. I’d like to make smoothies and frozen drinks in this blender.

  15. Have a safe and delicious Thanksgiving. Good luck to all.

  16. I would try the Green Apple Kale recipe first for #Smoovember because I love green smoothies with kale!!

  17. Sharon Bennett

    like it – want it

  18. peach smoothies

  19. Carrie Phelps

    I would make a strawberry banana smoothie.

  20. Breakfast smoothies and salsa!

  21. I’d make smoothies and milkshakes.

  22. Jason England

    smoothies of course

  23. I’d make milkshakes

  24. pick me

  25. Smoothies. I like them instyead of dinner.

  26. Janalee McGee

    Smoothies! My son loves them!

  27. I would like to make smoothies.

  28. I’d love to make smoothies, soups, and desserts with my blender!

  29. jeanette hilliard


  30. I will make my regular morning smoothie with these new recipes for a twist

  31. I want to make some great healthy smoothies with green and gingeroot andfruit!

  32. protein shakes

  33. i would certainly love to make a mango smoothie!

  34. I’m intrigued by the green apple kale smoothie – love to try that recipe out.

  35. I would love to make fruit smoothies.

  36. love making fresh fruit smoothies

  37. Healthy smoothies are great!

  38. Sharon Bennett


  39. I would love to make fruit smoothies.

  40. I can’t wait to make peanut butter banana and oatmeal smoothies! so good in the fall!

  41. Would love the green apple kale

  42. natalie horschel

    blueberry banana kale apple smoothie

  43. would love to try this green apple kale smoothie!

  44. Would love to make this apple/kale/banana and juice smoothie!

  45. A delicious smoothie!

  46. jeff rothrock

    strawberry/oreo smoothie

  47. I’d like to make triple berry smoothies.

  48. Milkshakes!

  49. Pauline Milner

    I love to make smoothies with strawberries, cantaloupe, raspberries and bananas. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  50. Magaly Francis

    I’d like to make base for soup stock

  51. any healthy smoothie

  52. Eileen Richter

    Winter brings on the blues in the Midwest, with limited sunshine for necessary vitamin D, needed to absorb calcium and reduce sluggishness and fatigue. My D levels are always bombed out by mid winter. So I combat that with daily smoothie, with vitamin/nutrient loaded Blueberries and Strawberries (1/2 cup each frozen organic), 1 small banana, 3 slices of canned peaches or fresh if you can find them, 1 cup almond milk (25% of daily Vit. D), 1/2 cup vanilla flavored Greek yogurt, a half scoop of non soy protein powder, 1tsp groud flax seed for fiber and hearth healthy fats, and a half teaspoon of powdered pro-biotics (I cannot easily swallow pills or capsules due to a narrowing esophagus). Some may want to add stevia or honey to sweeten if “D” esire”) No need to water down using ice to blend, as the frozen fruit will keep it frosty! This makes two real MEALS . I slurp half of my “D” elicious concoction for lunch and the other I save in the freezer for later to scoop like frozen yogurt as a late night snack as a “dessert”. I’ve been doing this for years after falling ill with immune “D”e ficiency and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Just taking control of and knowing your ROLE in health (what you put into your body) is but one way to give life your best shot and win some of these health battles. I am “D” etermined to get well and keep my vitamin D levels at optimum levels, sunshine or not!

  53. I would love to make mango cayenne smoothies

  54. I would make Cactus Pear and Banana Smoothies. Thanks for the chance!

  55. Barbara Mayes

    Any kind of smoothie or slush!

  56. I’d love to try a pinapple mango smoothie.

  57. Berry smoothies are a favorite at my house, but we’re willing to try almost anything once!

  58. Want one!

  59. Virginia Rowell

    I would make a strawberry banana smoothie.

  60. banana raspberry smoothie

  61. I would make smoothies with my blender.

  62. All those yummy healthy smooties!

  63. Louise Brimsley

    Raspberry Banana sounds wonderful

  64. This looks like a great blender and since I make green smoothies all the time, I’d love to see them in my kitchen. The small one would be wonderful for sauces, etc.

  65. Looks refreshing!

  66. James Kennedy

    I’d make smoothies and shakes and soups!

  67. cris sanchez

    strawberry, kiwi and jalapeno smoothie. Plus some orange and pineapple drinks.

  68. I would make a coconut green smoothie!

  69. I would make smoothies that would give me energy and keep me full.

  70. I would make a strawberry and spinach smoothie.

  71. I’d like to make smoothies to help me lose weight and live healthier

  72. Smoothies

  73. all kinds of smoothies!

  74. Yvonne McGowan

    I would make a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie and share with my son!

  75. spinach, peanut butter, cocount milk, whey protien, and bananas! Yummy!!

  76. I would make strawberry smoothies.

  77. A chocolate banana smoothie!

  78. I would make Mocha Blast.

  79. Rodney Meeks

    Thanks for this great contest and prizes. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  80. I would make a strawberry kiwi smoothie.

  81. I’d make a strawberry banana smoothie

  82. i would make delicious dairy free coffee drinks! YUM

  83. These look great; my blender doesn’t work very well

  84. love this!

  85. CaCarrie Conleyrrie Conley

    I think I will start off with a fruit smootie…

  86. I love any kind of smoothie with bananas in it!

  87. COuld really use a good blender…mine broke:(

  88. Amy Gillespie

    I have just started with my journey to healthy living! I would love to learn how to incorporate smoothies into my daily menu!

  89. I would love to make a banana smoothie. Those are my favorite!


    love to win

  91. Theresa Jenkins

    5 grandkids and they all like something different……apple crisp flavor; banana nut flavor; Creamsicle Drink and I would love to try a lemon pie flavored drink

  92. Casey N Mclendon

    I’m on a healthy journey after gaining a lot of weight during my 2nd pregnancy. I’d really like to start incorporating smoothies into my daily meal plan! I could never afford this on my own. Thanks for the chance! Have a blessed day!

  93. Maisha Davis

    I would make slushes, smoothies and daquaries!

  94. I would love to make some healthy smoothies with the blender!

  95. I’d make blueberry smoothies!

  96. I’d whip up this smoothie!

  97. Lynn Sosalla

    Would love to make a kale smoothie!!

  98. Rosie Britton

    Thanks for the Recipe & the chance to win!!


  100. Yum!

  101. I would make strawberry smoothies first. Thanks!

  102. smoothies and health drinks

  103. I would make smoothies for my grandsons and myself. We all love smoothies.

  104. Kathleen Marie Smith

    I would like to make salsa and berry/green smoothies!

  105. Sharon Bennett

    yum – still using my Harvest Gold Hamilton Beach blender from the 80’s!

  106. Berries , green apple and flax seeds smoothie :)

  107. I would make the green smoothie first. I have always wanted to incorporate greens in my smoothies but don’t have a blender to do so.

  108. i’d definitely be making a green apple kale smoothie!

  109. My husband’s salsa and smoothies.

  110. I’d love to make a fresh orange juice based smoothie! Vitamin C filled for cold season!

  111. Darlene Wright

    Cherry Smoothie!

  112. i would like to make fruit smoothies

  113. I would make smoothies, soups and I heard you can even make ice cream; yum!

  114. I would make a banana, peanut butter and chocolate soy milk smoothie. I would also make a blueberry, banana, pineapple and strawberry smoothie.

  115. I would like to make smoothies & sauces

  116. I would like to make a strawberry smoothie

  117. I would love to make our ProFit shakes in one of these awesome blenders!!!

  118. Smoothies & malts :)

  119. Alisha dos Santos

    I ‘d make smoothies and baby food in my new blender

  120. Alisha dos Santos

    Sounds yummy!


    i make smoothies, shakes, juices and baby food for friends

  122. I would love to win this!

  123. Would love to try this smoothie!

  124. Strawberries, vanilla yogurt and bananas!

  125. Angela Garland

    I would love to try this smoothie!

  126. Meredith Jones

    Smoothies and milkshakes

  127. Leslie Montoya

    We love breakfast fruit smoothies…. blueberries, bananas, strawberries… I loe Orange Juice and Pineapple and Banana!♥

  128. Brent Stewart

    great smoothies and milkshakes! Yum

  129. This smoothie sounds amazing!

  130. Margaret Maggie Porter

    I want to make homemade smoothies

  131. Margarita’s

  132. I myself LOVE breakfast fruit smoothies. And I have a child here that doesn’t like some textures or veggiess so a smoothis is the best way to get her to eat better. She loves smoothies.

  133. smoothies and shakes!

  134. Charles Goode

    My daughter would love the Smoothies Machine. She needs a lot of Protien.

  135. Laura Klassen

    I want to experiment with more healthy breakfast shakes…

  136. Used my elaborate juiceer to make “fresh V-8” the other day. Felt fab, but was so much trouble. Really need the blender. so I can make fresh juices and smoothies daily.


  138. Id like to make fruit smoothies.

  139. love them smoothies!

  140. I would love to make me a banana/strawberry smoothie!

  141. kristin sims

    i would like to make yogurt and fresh fruit smoothies, salsa, and….margaritas :)

  142. Love Green shakes

  143. a strawberry smoothie

  144. Stephanie Feldman

    I would love to make healthy drinks and soups because I am getting older and thinking about my health and I have never used any blender to that.

  145. Stephanie MacDonald

    smoothies for breakfast!!

  146. yummy fruit smoothies

  147. breakfast smoothies and salad dressings

  148. A banana smoothie!

  149. I want to start making smoothies!

  150. Travis Dillard

    I would love to make some smoothies.

  151. Sara Marshalek

    Smoothies, Veggie purees, soups, milkshakes, eggnog, hollandaise & so much more!

  152. Moises Campos

    I would like to make a carrot, apple and parsley smoothie.

  153. Brian Casson

    smoothies, milkshakes and so much more!!!

  154. This looks very refreshing!

  155. The green apple & kale smoothie looks tasty! I also love making smoothies with bananas and lots of frozen berries like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or raspberries

  156. Strawberry Smoothie

  157. Sarah Austin

    Strawberry yogurt smoothie

  158. chris conanan

    cucumber watermelon smoothie

  159. I was thinking a strawberry, kiwi w/ mint smoothie would taste yummy!

  160. Karen Myszka

    Pineapple banana

  161. Protein shakes and smoothies :)

  162. Strawberry Banana Smoothies of course :)

  163. Angela Podgorny

    I would make a strawberry banana smoothie with almonds.

  164. Sandy Klocinski

    Something Healthy

  165. Delano Jennings

    i would make strawberry & banana smoothies EVERYDAY!

  166. Rebecca Oakleaf

    I would love to make a strawberry banana smoothie

  167. love banana yogurt smoothie

  168. Strawberry Smoothie

  169. beverly isaacs

    great recipes

  170. sandra davis

    i want to make a strawberry smoothie

  171. H arrison Hamada

    I’d make a nice puree of butternut squash.

    I don’t twit, pinterest or instagram. I especially hate TWITS

  172. Protein shakes and smoothies

  173. I would like to make smoothies!

  174. Stephanie Owens

    smoothies,ice cream shakes,rootbeer floats.

  175. I can’t seem to get enough Kale in my diet. I can’t wait to try this concoction. It sounds yummy. The tartness of the apple should be the perfect compliment to the Kale.

  176. Julee Kashuba

    I love fruits and veggies and would look forward to making a vast assortment of smoothies using whatever produce is fresh and in season at the time!

  177. coconut pineapple smoothie

  178. I would love to make a strawberry smoothie!

  179. Pumpkin pie smoothie with chia and oatmeal…tastes awesome!

  180. Lindsay Hess


  181. I would make not only smoothies in my blender, but also purees, soups, and salsa!!!!

  182. This recipe looks fantastic! I love kale and have not tried it in a smoothie yet. Green apple sounds like a good flavor combo with the kale!

  183. lisa mcfarland

    berry smoothies for breakfast

  184. Jessica Metz

    Mixed berry smoothie

  185. I would like to make smoothies, juices and of course, milkshakes!

  186. Kimberly snyder

    milkshakes..maybe a brandy alexander made with vanilla ice cream

  187. Patricia Hill

    Banana Strawberry Smoothie

  188. Smoothies are always good to make, and I want to try making jam too.

  189. smoothies for my toddler and i

  190. My favorite is a banana yogurt smoothie :)

  191. My favorite is a healthy banana yogurt smoothie :)

  192. Brandi Goolsby

    I would make a chocolate malt shake!

  193. This kale, banana, apple smoothie sounds awesome. I can’t wait to try it!!

  194. I would love to try some new combinations of strawberry banana smoothies with coconut water.

  195. Not just smoothies….but also good old fashioned milk shakes! mmmmm

  196. Smoothies of course!!!

  197. jane sandona

    ok need this

  198. I’ve never tried Kale before and I love apples so I would really like to make this “Green Apple Kale Smoothie”. Healthy, bright, and looks delicious!

  199. Love kale

  200. Love kale; would like to try it in a smoothie

  201. Today’s Smoothie looks delicious!

  202. Jennifer Lyons

    I boil my kale the night before to soften it up. That’s the only way I can get a smooth drink out of my bullet blender. With a high-power blender, people can use raw kale. That’s the advantage. I also love banana-date smoothies. If the dates soak in water overnight, they blend more easily. Sometimes I add cocoa powder. Smoothies are the best breakfast.

  203. A lot of smoothies and other great stuff!

  204. I’d like to try to make the Green Apple Kale Smoothie that is highlighted in this post!

  205. Jennifer OBrien

    I would love to make healthy breakfast smootihes!

  206. Susan Christy

    I lost a lot of stuff during a recent move – how does that even happen? And my blender was one thing that is gone. I miss my morning smoothies!

  207. Give me fruit smoothies

  208. I’d really like to try out some breakfast smoothie recipes to go in the single serve blender with the travel lid.

  209. Fruit smoothies

  210. I would make fruit smoothies with almond milk.

  211. I love smoothies

  212. Lorna Solberg

    Sounds really good!

  213. I would make smoothies with this if I won it!

  214. I would make a strawberry banana smoothie

  215. i love having smoothies for lunch time its a good way to loose weight

  216. I would love to win this so I can learn my new renal diet.

  217. Good stuff!

  218. Beth Gillihan

    I would make smoothies and a pina colada!

  219. I would love to say a healthy fruit and veggie smoothie, but it would probably be more like a frozen margarita.

  220. I think a pumpkin smoothie would be great for the season!

  221. I would make strawberry banana smoothies!!
    I would make Strawberry Banana Smoothies!!

  222. Smoothies all day!

  223. stephanie gaines

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  224. Michele Shell

    I have only recently started drinking kale smoothies. LOVE them

  225. I make smoothies for breakfast. mmm.

  226. shelly sawicki lash neuhouser

    raspberries smoothies

  227. I want to try some of these healthy smoothies!

  228. cheryl bowman

    healthy smoties

  229. Love smoothie! great prize!

  230. Cindy McNulty

    I live making smoothies. Can’t wait to try the recipes!

  231. i would make healthy drinks

  232. i would make healthy fruit smoothies t

  233. These smoothies look awesome. Would love to win!

  234. Cantelope,banana and almond milk smoothies!

  235. That looks kinda interesting. I might have to try that!

  236. a strawberry watermelon smoothie

  237. smoothie.. almondmilk, frozen pineapple and fresh banana, whey protein – really really tasty treat!

  238. I would love this to make my protein smoothies!

  239. Would love this to start juicing healthier

  240. Would make lo-cal milkshakes and lovely pureed soups.

  241. that looks amazing!! thanks for the opportunity :)

  242. Christy George

    I love making smoothies out of fresh and frozen fruit with yogurt!

  243. would really love to have this

  244. Not sure about drinking something so very green. Might have to add a beet to it to change the color.

  245. this would be a great start to my weight lost .

  246. love green smoothies

  247. nikki maxwell

    I love to puree veggies into soups. And we love smoothies. I blew out our recent blender. Wah.


    I will have to taste this one.

  249. I would love to make smoothies for the grandkids when they visit.

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