Hostess Gift Ideas: Slow Cooker Gift Basket Giveaway


With the holidays coming up, there will be lots of parties, get-togethers and dinners with friends. If you’re in need of a hostess gift, we have a few ideas that might be better than the traditional bottle of wine or potted plant.

Citrus Juicer and Bag of Fruit

Fill a small bag or basket with oranges, grapefruits and limes and gift it alongside this affordable FreshMix™ 2 Cup Citrus Juicer (66333). Your hostess will be able to make fresh juice cocktails or serve juice with breakfast the next day.

Optional: add on Mason Jar sipper cups, a glass carafe or colored paper straws.

Coffee Grinder and Whole Bean Artisan Coffee

A coffee grinder is small, affordable and versatile, making it the perfect item for your favorite host or hostess. The coffee can be served with dessert or your host can use it later for fresh grinds before work. (See our coffee tips here. Print a copy to go with the gift.)

Optional: if your host or hostess isn’t a coffee drinker, gift the grinder with whole spices. It works equally well as a spice grinder!

Single-Serve Blender and Smoothie Recipe Book

Single-serve blenders are very popular right now as people are on-the-go, but want a healthy breakfast. This great gift offers your hostess a way to make that happen. It’s also great for making sauces, mayonnaise and dressings.

Optional: include some smoothie ingredients so your hostess has breakfast ready to go the next morning.

3-Quart Slow Cooker and Soup Ingredients

We’ve mentioned how much we love slow cooker gift baskets before, and we had to show you again. (Don’t forget, it’s a whole month of slow cookers!) Soup is very easy to make in a slow cooker, so offer one for the hostess as a gift that keeps on giving. It will get tons of use and the modern leaf design will compliment every kitchen.

We are giving one of these wonderful hostess gifts away this week. The 3-Quart Slow Cooker is filled with great soup ingredients, a cookbook and more! Scroll down to enter and check back on Friday to see if you’re this week’s lucky winner!

See last week’s winner here.

October Slow Cooker Takeover with @HamiltonBeach

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  1. I love my slow cooker, I need to win one for my son and his girlfriend!

  2. Jennifer cusanelli

    Cutest gift basket ever. Love making Autumn Soups in a slow cooker.

  3. Cathy Bradford


  4. I would like to make soup, or chilli.

  5. Glenda DeKeyser

    I would make a nice soup or stew. With the colder weather, I am ready for it!

  6. I’d like to make a beef stew

  7. Sandy Nevels

    Id love to make a pot roast, stew or chili

  8. Chicken noodle soup

  9. Navy bean soup with ham hocks, onion, carrot and potato

  10. Cutest. Slowcooker. Ever. The very first thing I’d make is some soup using those great ingredients that are included in the gift basket! Fantastic! Thanks for a fun giveaway- so glad I spotted it on Twitter. :)

    Love, Joy

  11. Butternut Squash Soup

  12. I love to make shredded BBQ chicken! My crock-pot is 27 years old and still going :)

  13. Tukey chili!

  14. I’ve been searching for a yummy brownie recipe and the one on twitter has peaked my interest. Thanks for the chance to win, twitter fan@plumerea

  15. dEFINITELY NEED…mine cracked

  16. i would make BBQ pulled pork

  17. I want to learn to do desserts in a slow cooker!

    • Kristel Poole

      Hi Debra, I hope you got a chance to see our guest post from Completely Delicious. She did a fantastic brownie recipe!

  18. crock pot cooking time is here!

  19. Carl L Smith Jr

    I would make Gumbo

  20. Debbie Woods

    Great design!

  21. it’s so cute!

  22. a GREAT GIFT!!!

  23. stew :)

  24. Awesome giveaway!

  25. I’d love to cook a deer steak in my slow cooker with vegtables and chicken noodle soop

  26. Making so many meals for my family :)

  27. I use my crock pot so much it has worn out. I make dinner (sopu,chili, roast beef, pulled pork) in it all the time.

  28. Chicken or pork chops with some type of sauce on them

  29. chili, lasagna, beef roast, chicken roast, gravy and minute steak, and i would try new recipes in my crock pot.

  30. i would make beef stew with burgundy wine

  31. I would make chili or beef stew.

  32. Slow cookers mean stew at my house!

  33. amanda gumpper

    I love these ideas, such good ones!

  34. These are great ideas! Thanks!

  35. I woud love to make so many things ,had a eye on making chilly

    • I would love to win a new Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker, I would like to get more involved with cooking in one for my busy family!!

  36. I’d make pinto beans to go with mexicorn bread. This is a good cool weather meal.

  37. I’d to win…I’d make some chili or tortilla soup!

  38. Would love to make soup in there! Perfect weather for it!

  39. Deb Tesauro

    Perfect time of year for stews and soups!!

  40. Dave Martin

    BBQ Meatballs

  41. roger franks

    i like making chili and soup in 1 crock pot and sweets in the other i do alot of crockpot cooking

  42. Lori Kronner

    i love making Chili in my crockpot or a roast!

  43. Teresa Organ

    Pot Roast or some kind of Soup.

  44. I’d love to make homemade applesauce with all the apples we just picked!

  45. With fall here and winter on it’s way, I love using my slow cooker. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. living in desert like central California, crock pot cooking is surely the way to go for not having to worry about heating up the kitchen for your meal (& it’s too hot to grill too!)

  47. I love making baked potatoes in a crockpot.

  48. Pot roast!

  49. water chestnuts wrapped with Bacon in barbecue sauce

  50. Bacon wrapped water chestnuts with barbecue sauce

  51. Kristine Pavlik

    Chicken spinich soup. yum!

  52. audrey bernhard

    I would make a yummy pot roast on a cold idaho night.

  53. beef stew

  54. I would make chili

  55. Travis Dillard

    I would love to make some beef stew.

  56. Chicken

  57. faleen fedol

    My son is an excellent cook in his spare time(what little he has) and i would love to have him show me how to make cholent in the slow cooker….i have always wanted one and see that everyone who has them really gets a lot of us from them…thank you for the opportunity

  58. Itsa M Rivera

    This is so nice Giveaway , thank you for the opportunity!

  59. nancy steinke

    I have several but I use them all
    I have several but I use them all

  60. My crock pot is on the fritz. A new one would be a life saver to help with great meals on busy work days!

  61. Suzanne Alblas

    I love making stuffed pepper stew in the crock pot but I am thinking about trying the brownies!

  62. Love the brownie in a crock pot recipe. I’m trying it this weekend.

  63. this is a great idea

  64. Donna Maroulis

    I love homemade soup ! I make big pots and share with friends and family ! Great , with a big slab of artisan bread or warm biscuits…mmmm.

  65. Stephanie Lee

    venison chili

  66. Danielle G.

    I am a slow-cooker-aholic. Love mine – so easy to use for a full-time working mom!!! I love making homemade applesauce in ours and roasts.

  67. Fall is just starting… I’d make a nice beef stew!

  68. Tina Brannan

    I’d like to make braised beef tacos and vegetable soup!!

  69. I’d love to make a Mississippi pot roast! It’s our favorite crock pot meal!

  70. Christy Nordmann

    Crockpot lasagna

  71. Bethany Tyler

    Chicken Barbecue!

  72. I love to make soup in my slow cooker.

  73. Diana caldwell


  74. Chili!

  75. Homemade chicken noodle soup!

  76. Kathy C in OR

    I’d make Chili Verde.
    I’d make Chilie Verde.

  77. mom’s old fashioned beef stew

  78. Shelly Sawicki Lash Neuhouser

    Cheesy Broccoli Cauliflower Soup

  79. Dorothy Deakyne

    chicken and rice

  80. Billie Hurd

    I’d make some chili!

  81. Denise Fedor

    Apple butter.

  82. I would make roasts and soups and chili!

  83. I make a mean vegetarian chili in the crock pot & I also have a great crock pot cornbread recipe

  84. Christine Mayfield

    I would make ribs

  85. vickie goddard

    big pot of chili or beef stew would be brewing up in my cooker about now

  86. Valarie Collup

    Pot Roast!

  87. Definitely chili!

  88. Patricia Stowe

    good ol’ beef stew! :)

  89. Michelle Gothard

    I love to do all day chili! YUMMMMMM!

  90. Susan Craig

    I have a new cookbook with 52 soup recipes – 1 per week. I would love to make them in a new crockpot.

  91. I need to get a smaller slow cooker, it’s just two of us now.

  92. i would make some buffalo chicken wing dip!

  93. Pork roast

  94. Eby Bifnaups

    Fall means there is SOUP in my slow cooker!

  95. Anna Curtis

    Spaghettis sauce is my favorite to make in the slow cooker

  96. Linda Pattay

    I would make a pot of sauce and meatballs !!!!

  97. Anne Frederick

    I’d make Brunswick Stew. Love cooking in my slow cooker.

  98. pot roast

  99. I would make chili

  100. Terri C. McMillan

    I love Stew Beef

  101. I would make a pot roast!

  102. Taylor Miller

    Chili! Even though my husband hates it. (:

  103. Bonnie Hall

    I would make a big pot of beef stew for dinner! Yummy!

  104. connie black

    With the weather changing, I would love to make the perfect beef stew or chicken soup.

  105. Pot roast with fresh carrots, green beans and red potatoes in a mushroom gravy

  106. Crystal Hunter

    I love making a nice hearty soup in the slowcooker, however i need a new slow cooker so this would be perfect for my family

  107. Anything and Everything for football munchies!! Especially love chili!

  108. A hearty veggie-based chili sounds perfect!

  109. I would love to make a chili in the crockpot if I were to win. Thanks!

  110. I love crockpot meals! YUM!

  111. Mark Gramaglia

    what a keen idea!

  112. mary holland

    What a great idea for a gift that won’t be regifted!!!!

  113. What a great idea to fill a crock pot with the makings of a soup to give as a gift. I v’e given them in the past as a gift, but never thought to include the ingredients for something.

  114. Chili!

  115. Love Tomato Basil Soup

  116. Sarah Austin

    Overnight oatmeal with fruit. Its been a hit with the kids.

  117. Alita Alexander

    I’d love to make a pumpkin soup or butternut squash or both! hehe…

  118. A huge pot roast with potatoes & carrots!

  119. I would love to make some Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or Broccoli and Cheese soup in the new slow cooker. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  120. A nice pot of chili would be great in the slow cooker.

  121. I would like to make a good stew.

  122. Tracy Yurksaitis

    I haven’t tried to make soup in a slow cooker yet. So, I’d like to try that!

  123. misty rummell

    I would make pot roast

  124. zevah steres

    i would make a hearty beef stew

  125. This is such a Great idea!

  126. Cabbage rolls

  127. Jennifer Olson

    I’d like to make a chicken chili in my slow cooker.

  128. pulled pork!

  129. Pegi Isajewicz

    Being a full time caregiver I can use a crock pot often to make my days easier.

  130. need this!!!

  131. Stuffed Cabbage

  132. Love these- have given and will continue to give crocks as gifts with my favorite recipe they love it.

  133. Ann Marie Stelma Graff

    I just found a recipe for stuffed peppers in the slow cooker.

  134. dumplings

  135. Chili for Sunday Footballllllll!

  136. vegetable beef soup thanks for the giveaway :)

  137. Karrie Leverett

    I would make chili, I’m ready for cold nights for Chili in a slow cooker.

  138. Ann Marie Stelma Graff

    I just found a recipe for stuffed peppers that I’m dying to try in the slow cooker.

  139. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I would like to make Chili or Beef Stew

  140. Ranch pulled chicken for tacos

  141. Would love to make pot roast

  142. Love it so. Much.

  143. Soup, stew, chili, chicken, roast, broth

  144. I want to try my hand at pulled pork

  145. amy williams


  146. Sterling Stokes Jr

    could always use another slow cooker

  147. I want to make pulled pork

  148. john senkiw

    Chili !!!!!

  149. I’d make pork for tacos.

  150. I have several slow cookers that are well used. I love them but they are showing signs of needing to be replaced.

  151. steve weber

    probably a nice pot roast or ribs.

  152. My current “slow cooker” is about 20 years old. I really could use a new one’!

  153. My “slow cooker” is about 20 years old —- I sure could use a newer one!!!!

  154. Going apple picking this weekend– can’t wait to make some apple sauce in the slow cooker! This pattern matches my kitchen perfectly!

  155. Jacqueline Bidwell

    Vegetarian Chili

  156. Linda Shelley

    I would make bread pudding!

  157. Margaret Yani

    Even though we are in Florida October means soup!!!

  158. Joseph Cosentino

    Winter is feeling warmer already,

  159. Janet Ehnen

    Potato soup!!!

  160. Vanessa Mullins

    Love, love, love to slow cook!

  161. I’ve made chicken parm in the crockpot and it came out wonderful.

  162. I love crockpot cooking

  163. Rhonda Best

    I would give it as gift.

  164. Makin Chili this Weekend

  165. Conrad Kovash

    Soup, soup and more soup

  166. My specialty – Sweet and spicy chili – it’s a big hit at work, I get requests for it all the time!!

  167. I would love to make a chili for tailgating!

  168. I would make crockpot barbeque

  169. chix noodle soup

  170. I would love to make some delicious stew.

  171. Anything made in a slow cooker comes out fab!

  172. Jackie Redbourne

    my crock is cooked… in need of a new one… lol

  173. Martha Waugh

    I would love to make some Cincinnati Chili

  174. This is a great prize.

  175. Favorite dinner is in the slow cooker….pot roast.

  176. Thanks for a chance to win, makes good baked chicken.

  177. Carla Puustinen

    I love making spagetti sauces and meatballs in the crock pot.

  178. onion soup,etc

  179. I would like to make chili

  180. rebecca boster

    Taco soup! Thanks for the chance to win :) Bekki

  181. Kerry Franken

    Shrimp Bisque

  182. I would make chili .

  183. Red Beans and Rice

  184. Eustacia Miliusis

    I want to make a beef roast with potatoes and carrots and onions!

  185. My slow cooker died two years ago – would love to replace it!!

  186. I saw a recipe today for white bean cassoulet in a slow cooker. Sounds yummy!

  187. I’ll be making a roast or beef stew!

  188. Chris Vilage

    Winter is coming, soup would be great!

  189. having chili tonight from mine. I’d like to try BBQ Brisket(as per my brother) Put brisket in, add some chopped onions and a bottle of BBQ sauce. Cook for 4+ hours and enjoy

  190. Debora Johnsey

    I would love to make chili in a slow cooker

  191. Jamie Brown

    Corn Chowder

  192. jennifer simmons

    baked potato soup!!! cant wait

  193. Margaret Johns

    With cool weather coming our way soon, I would love some baked-potato chowder. Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. debbie farrar

    homemade chicken noodle soup… it is that time of year!!!

  195. Carol Henderson


  196. love to cook veggie soup on a cool fall day love this sweet pot and want to win!!

  197. I would make chili

  198. Jeccica Simpson


  199. I would make a slow cooked beef and vegetable stew.

  200. I would like to make Taco Soup!

  201. would love to make my favorite veggie soup one cool fall day with the sweet pot!

  202. I would make a chicken dish.

  203. want to try to make some taco soup

  204. would love to win to make winter foods

  205. White Chicken Chili

  206. I love slowcookers and this one is adorable!!

  207. love these cute slow cookers!!

  208. Violet Lyford

    I would make a pot roast to celebrate fall.

  209. I would make a lovely slow cooked roast and veggies.

  210. I would slow cook a lovely roast and veggies

  211. I would START with chili!!!!!

  212. I will make chicken and dumplings If I win .

  213. This is a lovely and thought filled gift!

  214. Can’t wait to unpack the slow cooker in my new house!

  215. Debra Logan

    Pulled pork.

  216. Cindy Peterson

    Fall and crock pots are a perfect match.

  217. Kelly Hughes

    Pulled pork. All day, every day :)

  218. I would make chili

  219. i love the convenience of slow cooker meals!

  220. Ernest Sandona

    My bolognese sauce would cook nicely in this

  221. veru hope win!

  222. Virginia Smith

    This would be a great Christmas Gift!

  223. I really need to do more with a slow cooker! I have 4 kids (one is a new baby), so there isn’t a lot of time to make meals. I would love to make a roast beef stew!

  224. Any kind of soup!

  225. Sarah McCoy

    love to use these, they make dinner so simple!

  226. Becky Kinard

    I would make a pot roast with carrots and potatoes.

  227. never thought about soup in a crockpot

  228. joyce gregg

    Love to win this! Love to make Chili in the winter time in a crockpot.

  229. what a great giveaway!!

  230. I would like to make soup, hot and ready for me when I arrive home !

  231. Great for chili!!!

  232. Thanks for the chance to win!

  233. Virginia Lawson

    would love to win this !

  234. Sharon Cressley

    Love cooking in a crock pot. sure would like to win your pkg.

  235. Carita Rosebeary

    I would love to make some yummy tamale pie in this slow cooker! Hope I win! :)

  236. I love beef stroganoff in the crock pot great comfort food

  237. A huge pot of chili

  238. Debra Kubasa

    I would love to win this with the football season in full gear.

  239. What a great giveaway. Good Luck everyone~

  240. Would love to try and make a chocolate lava cake in one!

  241. First thing I would make would be pork carnitas – my kids love having a “Chipotle” style dinner at home.

  242. Chili is something I would like to make

  243. Naghma Husain

    thanks for the giveaway!

  244. I would love to win!!!!

  245. Sherry Sosine

    Fall is a great time to experiment and make different soups! This prize is great!

  246. nice gift to give or keep.

  247. Bernadette Versfelt

    Would love to win this slow cooker

  248. Bernadette Versfelt

    I would love to win this slow cooker. I already have one but it is to big to make dinner for two.

  249. Bernadette Versfelt

    I would love to win this slow cooker. Already have one but it is to big to make dinner for two.

  250. love to win this slowcooker thank you

  251. love to win this smaller size slowcooker

  252. I would love to make beef stew in the new slow cooker

  253. It’s FALL! So anything goes! Beef stew, Swedish Meatballs, Chili, etc!! :)

  254. What a great gift idea!

  255. French Onion Soup in a slow cooker is the cats meow!

  256. Michelle Holcombe

    I could totally use a smaller slow cooker. Mine is big and doesn’t get very hot…

  257. Wow, that looks so cool. I would love to make chicken.

  258. I love my slow cooker especially in the fall and winter

  259. I would like to make beef stew.

  260. Lezlie Anderson

    I like to make soups, stew, chili and hot fudge cake in the slow cooker. Also make differant chicken recipes and bbq ribs.

  261. Melanee Simpson

    I’d like to try the crock pot lasagna everyone is posting on facebook *s*!

  262. Barbara Mayes

    It’s Chili weather here now! So Chili, Cornbread, and a simple salad sounds perfect!

  263. staci wells mefford


  264. vvvvvvelder dixon

    i need a new cooker

  265. So cute!!

  266. I would make potato soup

  267. pulled pork

  268. A favorite winter’s day activity…….make soup!

  269. I would love to make a big pot of venison chili or stew

  270. Christine W

    I would like to make corned beef and cabbage

  271. I love my slow cookers and I love these new colors!

  272. Fall and winter is here and a slow cooker would be the perfect thing for me!!!

  273. Marta Redding

    I love all of the Hamilton Beach products! I love slow cookers! I use mine every day! I would love to win this prize!

  274. Lorina Padgett

    I will make corned beef and cabbage.

  275. i need a new slow cooker!

  276. Love slow cooking

  277. Would love to win a slow cooker!

  278. My slow cooker went missing after my last move. I really could use this to make healthy, delicious soups!

  279. Never had a slow cooker but think I should!

  280. great for making good homemade soups especially for winter time !and chicken soup for colds

  281. thelma roethlein

    love using my slow cooker

  282. Jennifer Goode

    I love slow cookers!

  283. Jennifer Goode

    Crock pot cooking is a fall favorite and these designs are awesome!

  284. I just made chili this past weekend in my slow cooker…yummy. Soup is wonderful this time of year.

  285. Marcia Booth

    I have actually worn out my slow cooker! This would be great!!


    … Great to use to slow cook in the morning and then after work, PRESTO – SUPPER IS READY!

  287. Love to win it if I could see the entry page to enter it. Making homemade chicken noodle soup today :)


    Love slow cookers, use them to death and am in great need of a new one!! My family would be grateful!! (me too!)

  289. My favorite thing to make is beef stew with lots of veggies!!

  290. I would also love to make chicken stew in the crock pot

  291. Robert Perazelli

    I would like to make a roast with carrots and potatoes

  292. chicken and dressing casserole

  293. I would make a beef stew with dumplings

  294. Shirley Bendickson

    I would love to have this slow cooker.

  295. Ina Gribbins

    I love slow cookers and I love homemade soup.. Would love to win!

  296. This would be a GREAT USEFUL WIN!!!!

  297. louise rogers

    I love slow cookers, but I would love to have two!

  298. I’ve never had a slow cooker but have heard that everything comes out great, so I may try my chili recipe first!

  299. I REALLY, REALLY want this!

  300. Terry Madden

    I want to cook chiken taco soup.

  301. amanda ayala

    i love to make chicken parm and buffalo pulled chicken in mine! im a new mommy,so a crock pot is a god send. cant live without it!

  302. Chili!

  303. Slow Cooked Spagetti Sauce, yum and an easy clean up to boot!

  304. Stephanie Breneman

    I love entertaining and I would love to have a crockpot to make soup in. Then I could have some friends over and we could have a simple dinner that was made in a crockpot instead of me slaving over a stove!

  305. Linda Lorentzen

    I need a crockpot…mine died.

  306. This would be great timing for fall cooking as my just bit the dust from usage… :/

  307. Lin Lorentzen

    I could certainly use a crock pot….mine died.

  308. Lisa Hawkes

    I could see a good vegetable soup going in there.

  309. Janice Cash

    Beef Stew, or Pot Roast

  310. karyn koehler

    My slow cooker just dies. I cook for five and make everything in the crock pot. This would be awesome to have!

  311. karyn koehler

    My slow cooker just died. This would be awesome to have. I cook for five and make so many of my meals in the slow cooker!

  312. Adult Mac N Cheese – Mac N Cheese with bacon, and green onion

  313. I don’t have a slow cooker yet but I have been eyeing the book “Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker” and have been inspired to start cooking delicious Vegan meals with one! Would love to win one!

  314. I want to make a cheesy tortellini soup, or a brocolli and cheese soup :)

  315. Brunswick Stew

  316. Beef Stew

  317. Darlene Eddy

    I would make barley soup, corn chowder, the list is endless..I have been wanting one for a LONG time :) I <3 Hamilton Beach!!

  318. cute crock.

  319. Bobbie Moore

    Slow cooker make life so much easier for dinner, breakfast, dessets and canning.

  320. Vegetable soup!

  321. I’d make chili

  322. Jacqueline in Atlanta

    Maybe pumpkin butter or apple butter

  323. I would make homemade vegetable soup nothing better

  324. Carol Pennington

    My son needs a slow cooker at college – this would be perfect! Thanks!

  325. Donna-Marie Sloma

    Our slow cooked died and the kids are planning to replace it for Christmas, but we really need one now! After soo many years of faithful service, it did not get hot and we are so heart broken!

  326. Brenda Owens

    I would make some loaded potato soup!

  327. Mmmmmmmmm!


  329. I would make potatoe soup.

  330. Amber Conaway

    OMG I would buy a book just for this!! I’ve really been wanting to try white chicken chili

  331. Slow cookers are fab!

  332. I would love to make some chili to eat while watching a football game!

  333. nichola mears

    This would make meals so much easier

  334. So much to make…chili I think first!

  335. I love slow cooker meals! It frees me up to do other things.

  336. jennifer c.

    beef stew is my fav!

  337. Linda Bragg

    I would make Beef Stew.

  338. Stephanie MacDonald

    ham and pea soup!

  339. I’d make some tasty stews and soups.

  340. Bev Harrison

    apple crisp

  341. I have a pinterest board full of slow cooker recipes that I need to try.

  342. Rebecca Rose

    I’d make potato soup! Mmmm… my favorite!

  343. chili

  344. Kimberly Snyder

    I’d make chili

  345. melissa call

    Id make meatloaf and potatoes

  346. I would love to make a good stew.

  347. Beef stew

  348. Hoku Sarroca

    bbq ribs, and yes it can be done and I have done it.

  349. Dewey Besco

    Pulled pork bbq

  350. Judith Smith

    Green Chicken Chili

  351. sheri anderson

    I would definitely make a great beef stew, my favorite!!

  352. Deena Mayhew

    Ooooo the possibilities that are perfect for colder weather! My Favorite? Slow cooked beef roast – makes great sandwiches the next day!

  353. I would make BBQ ribs :)

  354. Leslie Petersen

    Chili :)

  355. beef stew

  356. Stephanie V.

    bbq pulled pork and chicken enchiladas

  357. Cathy Harding

    I would love to make corn chowder in this adorable slow cooker!

  358. Patrica Horton

    I would take it with me for deer season. We stay in our camper a lot in tje winter, and it would be wonderful to come in to a big steaming bowl of soup after sitting out in tje cold all day!!

  359. roast with veggies in the crock pot

  360. I’m looking forward to some pulled pork!

  361. Brenda Combs

    Love to make B.B.Q Ribs in a slow cooker

  362. Iva Rothman

    Pulled Pork BBQ :) Yummy!!

  363. I would make soup and chili

  364. Karen Leonard

    Chili bean’s

  365. chicken and dumplings

  366. I would make taco soup.

  367. Anna Victor

    Soup of Course!!

  368. I would make French onion soup!

  369. I like to make bean soup in my slow cooker

  370. I like to make bean soup in the slow cooker

  371. Heaven Kelough

    I always make pot roasts and different kind of stews borrowing my Mom’s crock pot, so I would probably continue to make them if I won this, but now I’d have my own! Thank you for the awesome giveaway chance!

  372. I have a chicken cashew recipe I’d love to make!

  373. C Desroches

    A good beef stew

  374. Jackie McMillan

    I would make a pot roast with potatoes and carrots!

  375. Brandi Bryant

    I would love to make some bbq.

  376. Fondue!

  377. Sharon Rozier

    Would love this for soups and small meals!

  378. What a wonderful gift idea! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  379. Beef stew or chili.

  380. Chicken tortilla soup sounds great to me.

  381. i love a good soup in the fall!

  382. Lisa Randazzo

    I’d love to make stew for my family, they’ve been bugging me to make it as the weather gets colder, but I don’t have a crockpot so I don’t make it often. Would love to win this

  383. Sandra Hurt

    Nice be pot of goulash. I love cooler weather.

  384. Swiss Steak

  385. Sandy Headtke

    I would make pulled pork for sandwiches

  386. beef stew

  387. yummy crockpot chicken enchilada

  388. Tracoe Trump

    Love to make some chili

  389. You’ve inspired me to make a big pot of soup.

  390. Gloria Emery

    Beef Stew!

  391. barb Koslowski

    pot roast or beef stew

  392. Peggy Lemos

    Beef Stew!!

  393. Right now, I’ve got a corned beef nestled in some cabbage, potatoes and carrots inside my slow cooker, so it’ll be ready for dinner, tonight! However, I can use a new one. :)

  394. Love my crockpot, soup is great for colder days!

  395. I would make some good ole chilie

  396. Patricia Shaffer

    I would love this crockpot!

  397. MeghanMinihan

    Chicken stew

  398. I would make a pot of vegetable soup!

  399. cindy samms

    I would make vegan chili in my slowcooker if I won it!

  400. Would be wonderful for quick meals and I have been craving some yummy soups

  401. This is the perfect size for party dips and appetizers!!!

  402. I’m using my crockpot right now for a tip roast. Yum!

  403. Kristen m eby


  404. faleen fedol

    I would love to win this crockpot/slow cooker….i live alone and have some fairly serious health problems that can have me house bound from 5 to 7 days at a time…so shopping for food can bea problem at times…i would love to be able to prepare and would prepare a nice meat and vegetable stew that could last for a couple of meals…i would enjoy the food and it would make my life considerably easier…thank you for the opportunity.

  405. Patricia Hill

    Pulled Pork for sandwiches

  406. I would do my pot roast. It’s so good!

  407. Irene Noury

    I love making soup in my crockpot..Winning a new one with the works would be awesome..

  408. I would make homemade chili.

  409. love to win a new crock pot its been 2 years scince i bought my other one i cook alot stuff in my crock pot i make patoa soup. chil soup .. veg soup. slopey joes much more i would not know what do with out a crock pot

  410. Dawn AanderudCosby

    One of my favorite things to oook is a nice post roast with potatoes and carrots.

  411. would love to do chicken for chicken enchiladas

  412. I want to make warming soups!!!!

  413. Chili

  414. Definitely want to make soups in a crock pot this winter. I’m so cold already and they sound so warming

  415. Canna Erbes

    Roast with carrots, potatoes, and onions.

  416. chili, CHIli and more CHILI

  417. This would be awesome!!

  418. Cynthia Chatham

    The first thing I would LOVE to cook in my slow cooker is a pot roast.

  419. Beef and Barley Soup

  420. Liz Cuccinello

    I’d love to make a stew or soup but I hear there are so many other ways to use a slow cooker so let’s experiment!

  421. Cheryl Christian

    I love my slow cooker and would cook a stew with some of my garden veggies. The best invention for busy moms.

  422. Soups, Stews and Stocks!!

  423. Rebecca Freebiequeen Lambert


  424. Rosalee Glenn

    I love to cook, but am so busy, I use my slow cooker a lot. I need a new one. My got broke. I would love to win this one.

  425. I love the idea!!!

  426. This looks so awesome! Would be perfect for post-wedding entertaining :)

  427. Lee Ann Tarducci

    This size would be perfect to take my “covered dish” contribution to our weekly Bible study group. The next meal I’m taking is slow-cooked thai-style cashew chicken.

  428. I want to make pot roast, chilli, & beef stew

  429. brisket

  430. Not yet a big crook potter – but looks like a beautiful way to start !!!!!

  431. What a great gift idea!

  432. Beff tips and gravy in the crock pot are a huge hit at my house

  433. I have a new chili recipe I’ve been dying to make and this slow cooker would be perfect for it!

  434. I love to use the slow cooker for country style ribs

  435. michelle gilmore


  436. I would make a nice batch of chili.


    Could use one of these

  438. poquito beans with totillas

  439. terri brothers

    Minestrone Soup.

  440. Love using the crock pot. I made Jambalaya in mine 2 weeks ago. Sure was good!

  441. Donna Tingle

    I love making pulled pork.

  442. I would make a big pot of spicy chili for winter. yum

  443. I’m a deer hunter and these are great for the hunting camp. Only if the link would work I would enter. But, when you click enter it does nothing.

  444. Ralph Sayre

    I Love the smell of a good chili or excitingly flavored soup slowly cooking in the Crock Pot

  445. Carol ONeil

    I would cook a Pork Butt Roast and make bbq pulled pork

  446. Pamela Tessmer

    Homemade chicken noodle soup! We have it a couple times a month.

  447. Virginia Cuppernell

    I would love to try baking bread in the crockpot, it looks so yummy in the recipe, the grandkids would love it!

  448. marty smith

    just moved from fla to ohio to be near family and need to cook new fall recipes

  449. would love one don’t have one

  450. Megan McDaniel

    My favorite thing to make in the slow cooker is feijoada.

  451. Earen Hummel

    What a great gift idea!

  452. trisha kilpatrick

    The first thing I wouls make would be chicken chili.

  453. terri ingham bollin

    My mom’s is 15 years old and she refuses to break down and buy one and I would love to win her one!

  454. Elizabeth Haley

    I make chili, Soups ,sauce for spaghetti Los of things I have been cooking for many years

  455. would love to make Pea Soup in this slow cooker

  456. With our coastal rain arriving early this year, comfort food from a slow cooker is awesome to come home to.

  457. Jennifer Womack Jones

    I want to make a loaded baked potato soup!

  458. Kathleen Moran

    homemade soups

  459. Jennifer Hill


  460. Michelle Bowers

    I want to make stuffed pepper soup. I have been seeing recipes for it and it sounds delish.

  461. Chili for the deer hunters!

  462. Tara McClenic

    I love making pot roasts and stew in the crock pot!

  463. Fall is perfect for making soup!!

  464. Love the fall time and making soup is perfect!

  465. Luv to make homemade soups for cold weather!

  466. I love making roasts and potatoes in the crock pot.

  467. I would make a pot of tortilla soup! Yummo!

  468. Mendy Dinsmore

    We love cooking in a crockpot.

  469. I will make my home made vegetable soup which is a comfort food for me!

  470. I would love to cook soup in a crock pot. Could then use the leftover soup for other meals!

  471. Patty Hankins

    With so many great slow cooker recipes out there, one slow cooker per household is just the minimum! Main course, side, dessert? I need 3! :)

  472. Our favorite is french dip

  473. Judy Tilley

    We love to have chili in the crockpot!

  474. I would love to make soup in a crock pot! Could then use the leftovers for other meals!

  475. The handle just broke off my 18 yr old country crockpot because I use it all the time! This would be a cute replacement :)

  476. I’d make my famous pulled pork!

  477. Oliver Wilson

    Beef Stew…

  478. I would make some pulled pork.

  479. I think the first thing I would make is a big pot of chili!

  480. Chicken and wild rice soup

  481. A chocolate cake

  482. This is perfect soup/chili weather, so that would probably be first on my list to make.

  483. I would make soup or a pot roast

  484. Italian Beef Stew

  485. I love slow cooked beef stew. Delicious and easy!


    love this!

  487. gretchen reichenberg lucas

    I would love to make chicken chili, or meatball and sauce

  488. tonya holmes

    too cute11

  489. I would love to add a smaller crockpot to my collection. I love my 8.5 quart one, but it is too big for some meals. :)

  490. Love homemade soups on a chilly day! Loaded Baked Potato is a family fav!

  491. Pam Gurganus

    I’d like to make mulled cider!

  492. A crockpot full of ham & scalloped potatoes sound great!

  493. such a great prize!!

  494. Would make my Chili from my mom’s kitchen.

  495. cecil stonewall


  496. Michelle Proper

    Chicken and Dumplings :)

  497. I love to use a crock pot for my braised recipes when the oven or stovetop just isn’t an option! :)

  498. Luv my crockpot

  499. Joyce Partington

    I love roast done in the slow cooker,would give to my daughter, who never had one…

  500. Diana Milone

    would love to make chili or a pot roast!!


    I would make stuffed green pepper soup!

  502. I want to cook chili in it

  503. Barbara Mason

    I would love to try out a recipe i have for braised short ribs using Dr Pepper if I won this

  504. Jim Byfield


  505. Cindy Robertson

    Love my crockpots… can’t have too many of them!

  506. I want to make a huge pot of stew!

  507. Deborah Craghill

    i’d like to make an onion soup

  508. Shelly Krolak

    I would make beef stew!!!

  509. Peggy Humbracht

    A wonderful beef stew…

  510. Nicole Dicus

    Cheesy chicken and broccoli soup!

  511. i would make spaghetti AND MEATBALLS

  512. Cat Clayton

    This size crock pot would be great for my daughter,because it’s just her and a roommate.

  513. Emily Mocny

    These are great gift ideas! M y father-in-law is a foodie and is always hard to shop for. I think he would LOVE the juicer. This slow cooker is the cutest — perhaps I can bring a breakfast dish for Christmas morning while he makes juice!

    • Kristel Poole

      Thanks, Emily! These would be a great holiday gift if you’re staying with family. Sounds like your father-in-law would love something like this.

  514. I want to use it to make chili

  515. Joyce Wallace

    My family really loves to eat homemade soups once the weather starts turning chilly and cold. The one soup I would love to try and make in a crock pot is Italian Wedding soup. And thank you for the offer.

  516. Terri Newell

    I love the pattern on this slow cooker!

  517. Any kind of soup or chili for the cool fall days here!

  518. Elaine Pruncutz

    Slow cooker meals are a Mom’s lifesaver!

  519. Benjamin Kendall

    Stews, pot roast, pork roast, chili

  520. This crockpot would be just the right size for a friend of mine…and a great one to make a batch of soup!

  521. tonya holmes

    i would love to add this to my collection

  522. tonya holmes

    i would love to add this to my collection

  523. Hollie Jahnke

    I’d make chili!

  524. I would love to make all my favorite crock pot recipes for my family of 5! Beautiful crock pot, hope I win it, chicken and rice, and some pulled pork sandwiches sound amazing!

  525. Great ideas!

  526. Dwight York

    I want to try some deserts!!!!!

  527. Fall weather is a great time for soups and stews.

  528. I love anything in the slow cooker, especially soups

  529. Lisa Hochstetler

    I would love to give my daughter this slow cooker.

  530. chris conanan

    chicen adobo

  531. I couldn’t live without my slow cooker. Love this design and smaller size since my husband and I are “empty nesters” now.

  532. Cynthia Chan

    Cute ideas!

  533. Teri Chesney

    Chicken and biscuits!

  534. Terry Riley

    Roast Pork Subs with chili sauce

  535. First thing I would make would be bbq pulled pork.

  536. Sunnie Burkhardt

    Pulled pork sandwiches

  537. Potato Soup!

  538. Tina R. Fields

    LOVE slow cooker meals in the Fall!

  539. sandra williams

    what a fun pattern on the cooker!



  541. Angelique Drummond

    I’d love to make tortilla soup!

  542. That is such a cute pattern!

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