October Slow Cooker Takeover

October Slow Cooker Takeover: A Month of Giveaways from Everyday Good Thinking, the official blog of @HamiltonBeach

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This month, we’re showcasing one of our most beloved kitchen appliances: the slow cooker. We know slow cookers are invaluable tools in many kitchens, and they are widely popular. With the weather getting cooler and the days getting shorter, there’s nothing better than walking in the door to a hot, home cooked meal after a long day. On Facebook, we’re highlighting our top 25 slow cooker recipes and asking you to vote on the “best of the best.” And while you’re there, enter to win one of five Intellitime™ slow cookers. Here on the blog, we’re giving away a slow cooker gift basket every week! (Scroll down to enter our first slow cooker giveaway!)

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One thing we love about small slow cookers is their versatility. They are perfect for dips, sauces, appetizers or even as a hostess gift. Try using a 3-quart slow cooker as the gift basket and fill it with your favorite wine, a cheese grater and gourmet tomato sauce for an easy Italian-themed present. Need a teacher gift or something for a food friend for the holidays? Try a slow cooker gift basket filled with exotic spices and an Indian cookbook. It’s sure to delight any home cook. We will be giving away four amazing gift baskets, pictured below, each week in October. Just enter on Monday and we will announce a winner each Friday.

Don’t forget to enter our Best of the Best Slow Cooker Recipes contest on Facebook for a chance to win one of 5 IntelliTime™ 6 Quart Slow Cookers!

This week’s giveaway is for a 3 Quart Swirl Slow Cooker (33138) filled with “Fresh from the Market” prizes, including a cookbook, herb saver, citrus squeezer and much more.

 October Slow Cooker Takeover with @HamiltonBeach


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  2. Victor W Sloma

    Slow cooking is the best, can not wait to replace ours! After many years of service, it just died nd winning this replacement would be heaven sent. I miss the smells coming from the kitchen, tomatoe gravey, sausages and peppers, chili and soups. This timeof the year, we would have apple sauce simmering.

  3. life is much simpler with a slow cooker. i would use it everyday for sure for soups.

  4. life is much simpler with a slow cooker. i would use it everyday for sure

  5. life is simpler with a slower.

  6. Patty Valencia

    this would be great to make stews and soups for the cooler weather

  7. I would make cabbage rolls

  8. Kielbasa, cabbage, and potatoes

  9. Laurie Belinfante

    Cabbage rolls yum

  10. cabbage rolls

  11. I could use a 3qt slow cooker as there are 2 of us.

  12. Pam Hoffman

    Beef Stew

  13. julie trani

    beef stew is always mt favorite

  14. I want to make some beef stew with vegetables.

  15. Jennifer Sitz


  16. MMMmmm….everything is better in a slow cooker!

  17. Perfect for some brunswick stew!!!

  18. I would love to make your recipe for Caramel-Dipped Apples! Also shredded chicken for tacos or sandwiches!

  19. Terri Newell

    I would make spaghetti sauce with big juicy meatballs!

  20. Cheryl MitchellCheryl Mitchell

    I really need a slow cooker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Roger Bufton

    Rabbit Stew

  22. Linda Baker

    White Chicken Chili

  23. Holly Holder

    Mmmmmmm, chipotle pot roast! Shred for some amazing tacos!

  24. applesauce

  25. patricia caradonna

    I qouls love to make meatballs so I can pick at them all day long.

  26. Avery Pawelek

    All of the CHILLI!

  27. Pulled pork for BBQ pork sandwiches.

  28. I make a killer chili in a crock pot.

  29. Cool crockpots, would love to win one!

  30. I’d love to make a beef roast with bbq sauce!

  31. Love to win this

  32. I would love to make lots of yummy soups!! Plus, it is time for a new crockpot. I have had mine for 10 years.

  33. Site is not working? Wierd, my 3rd attempt…I have a great recipe to try in the crock…a roast turkey..you all heard that right! Cant wait to try before the big day to test it out. I LOVE your new designs. Thanks :)

  34. LOVE your new crocks…anyway…I have a recipe for a roast turkey in the crock…YOU heard that right…can’t wait to try my reicpe out before the big day…thanks! :)

  35. I have a recipe for roeast turkey in the crockpot and understand it works and delish..want to test it before the Big Turkey Day…thanks…luvin yoou new do. :)

  36. So many recipes I could finally make!

  37. Travis Dillard

    I would make beef stew

  38. I want to try macaroni and cheese. And a peanut chicken stew.

  39. I love making pasta dishes and chilis.

  40. Neil Llavore

    I’d like to make spaghetti that’s my favorite of all!

  41. Sunrise Boyd

    I want to make chili

  42. I want to make chili. I just found a new recipe for a different kind of chili, today, that I’d like to try.

  43. Janet Ehnen

    Oktoberfest pot roast recipe from your website would look nice in this cooker!

  44. I love to make homemade baked beans and pasta fagioli in my crockpot!

  45. Jackie Petyo

    pulled pork!

  46. katharine williams

    spaghetti bolognese!

  47. Candy Covington

    I use my crockpot all the time, but sometimes I need 2! I’d love to try a molten cake in one!

  48. Jennifer Essad

    I would love to make “Chicken Cacciatore” in mine

  49. So many things can be cooked in a crock pot that I haven’t considered! I’m ready to think outside the box!

  50. these sound like amazing prizes

  51. Chili!!! Is my favorite go to in the crock pot.

  52. orange chicken

  53. Christina Winton

    Crock pot chicken!

  54. Soups and Stews are my favorite! Ohhhh… Or roasted chicken…. There are so many possibilities!

  55. My best friend and I were talking thus morning about it being “Crocktober”. I use mine year round and after 16 years, I think it’s time for a new one!

  56. faleen fedol

    I would love to be able to make a Hungarian beef stew as my grandmother did. The thought of actually having a slow cooker is thrilling to me. Everyone i now who has one loves it.

  57. Erin Landry


  58. savory moist pot roast

  59. ah! always see so many great crockpot recipes!

  60. Looks like that size would be great for making overnight steel cut oatmeal.

  61. Tanitha anderson

    Chili!!! Just in time for winter!!

  62. I would make Feisty Chicken!

  63. I would make either honey bourbon chicken or sweet and sour chicken

  64. I would make beef stew.

  65. Pulled pork or chili

  66. How fun! Thanks
    How fun! Thanks

  67. I would not use one but 2 to make my beans with chicos (dried corn) and the other for my red pork chili .. comfort food for my family

  68. Becky Bilbrey

    I would fix my roasted balsalmic chicken, we love that dish.

  69. As a recent graduate I am just learning to cook and have been wanting to get a slow cooker to try out some easy to make recipes! This would be perfect!

  70. Would love to get a slow cooker!!

  71. nancy fiorenza

    wow this is amazing thank you for the chance

  72. Tonya Briggs

    Loved to have my roast cooking in this slow cooker all day and get home to an awesome smelling house!! Yummy!!!!

  73. pulled pork – I always wanted to try that

  74. Chili, pulled pork, buffalo chicken dip!!!! Pick me!!

  75. I have a great pulled pork recipe that hits the spot in the cooler months.

  76. Pulled pork

  77. I’ve been without one for years and am really craving the pork I used to make in it. Time to get a new one!

  78. I love to make pulled pork sandwiches!! Yummy!

  79. Laurie Belinfante

    I would do a brisket in mine

  80. Michelle Austin

    Spicy Canadian Lentil soup with turkey

  81. Pam Gurganus

    I’d like to make chicken and dumplings!

  82. I found a recipe for slow cooker turkey breast with mushroom soup

  83. I love to use my crock-pot, would love this fun one to use even better!!

  84. I just happened to run across the recipe for Maple Glazed Pumpkin Bread Pudding. In the spirit of fall, I’m starving now!

  85. I would love to use the slow cooker to make veggie chili. It looks fabulous!

  86. kathy cournoyer

    I am just learning to howto use an old slow cooker I have.

  87. Kelly Walker

    I want to cook so many things in here, but can’t wait to make 5 hr. stew!

  88. these are so cutr

  89. Maree Grandy

    I’d make crock pot tetrazzini

  90. My slow cooker got stolen at college so i need a new one so I can make my favorite roast beef sandwiches! So yummy :)

  91. I love to make fajitas in the slow cooker. Not so messy.

  92. mary joy supetran

    I would cook rice pudding

  93. Nothing beats a slow-cooked roast on a Sunday afternoon!

  94. The first thing that I’d make is chicken, and noodles!

  95. I’d make all my make ahead freezer meals to make my remodeling kitchen life EASIER–my old cooker is cracked SAD FACE

  96. Soup, soup, and more soup!

  97. I would make chili

  98. Julie Diveroli

    I’ll make a Yankee Pot Roast, Yum!!!

  99. i love to add boneless skinless chicken breast along with an onion and bbq sauce…let it cook while we are at work…it is sooooo yummy and even my kiddos eat it!!!

  100. Rachael Willard

    Put roast, the show cooker makes the best roast add the veggies and gravy mix in the morning and by dinner time it’s all done and the house shells amazing

  101. I’ll make braised lamb shank with Napa cabbage.

  102. i would make chili

  103. I’d have short ribs in my slow cooker!

  104. Angela McIntyre

    I could use all this, great giveaway, would be a great combination if i won the nutri bullet also, LOL

  105. I would make a pot roast if I were to win this adorable slow cooker.

  106. Melody Spence

    I would love to make chicken fiesta soup.

  107. I would love to make all kinds of soups and try new recipes

  108. Pot roast

  109. Susan Willard

    Love to make chili!

  110. amy williams


  111. I would love a new slow cooker for chili and soups this winter

  112. I would first make beef stroganoff.

  113. I found this slow cooker recipe for apple cider that I would love to try! YUMMM!

  114. I’d love to make a creamy chicken soup!!

  115. I would make orange and lime pulled pork

  116. Gabriela Sarabia

    I would like to cook everything, I need one! they are so cute.

  117. Alishia Smith

    Root Beer BBQ Pulled pork is my favorite in the crockpot!

  118. Susan Willard

    I can’t wait for a nice cold snap so I can make a big slow cooker full of chili

  119. Love this…. so cute!

  120. Spinach artichoke dip!

  121. I love my smaller Hamilton Beach Slow cooker for pasta sauce and soups! Would love a larger one to try some bigger meals!!!

  122. Cathy Bradford

    Homemade spaghetti sauce!

  123. I love chili in the slow cooker now that the weather is turning cooler.

  124. Lisa Hollar

    I can’t wait to make chicken taco chili in my new slow cooker!

  125. I love the colors of this slow cooker!!!

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