Duff Goldman Drink Mixer Giveaway Winner Announced

Duff Goldman Drink Mixer Giveaway Winner Announced



Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the Drink Mixer Giveaway over the past few weeks! We are excited to be able to share this heritage product with you, especially the big Triple Spindle Drink Mixer HMD400 signed by celebrity chef and reality TV star Duff Goldman. (Thanks, Duff!) The drink mixer is a favorite for summertime milkshakes and we can’t wait to hear what all of our lucky winners do with their new kitchen tools. We hope they have a party and put those spindles to use!

The randomly chosen reader who is the lucky winner of the Hamilton Beach Commercial Triple Spindle Drink Mixer signed by Duff Goldman is…

Lisa McFarland!


Congratulations to Lisa. Here is what she had to say: “When we spent the night with our grandparents when we were young, one of the nightly traditions was a chocolate milkshake after dinner that my grandmother would make for us. My favorite flavor is chocolate.”

We hope you enjoy the recipes we have shared this month with your awesome new drink mixer. Thank you to everyone who commented and entered our contest. We were moved by many of your stories and will do a featured post soon recapping some of our favorite stories from your comments. If you have a story about your memories with the Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer, please leave a comment or email me at social@hamiltonbeach.com. We’d love to hear from you.


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  1. guy castelli

    Own a HB mode l54200R blender that chops ice poorly. Are there ninja type blades that can be used in place of original one

  2. Karen price

    We make milkshakes every day for three children, the oldest is twelve and eats four a day .he doesn’t eat a lot of anything else but he loves his shakes ,he tall and thin!

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